I Just Want To Thank You

Written by Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Links to contributors: Peter Gringhuis videos, Larry Holder

Here is another praise song started by Peter. Larry and I wrote the lyrics using some thematic ideas Peter provided. - Elton, 2 August 2008


(Verse 1)
Lord, You lay aside Your crown
And came into this world
Offered as a sacrificial Lamb.
As you rose up from the grave
Death and hell were cast away
Giving hope of life to every man.

(Verse 2)
Glory to Your Name, O Lord,
Glory to Your Name
To heaven now a joyful noise I raise.
By Your grace I live anew
Owing everything to You
Offering this sacrifice of praise:

I just want to thank You, Lord
For the wondrous love You've shown to me.
I just want to thank You, Lord
Dying on the cross to set me free.

(Verse 3)
How can I express my joy
For all that You have done?
My life in You will never be the same.
You have set the captive free
Given me eternity.
Praises to Your great and glorious Name!

(Repeat Chorus)
I just want to thank You, Lord
For the wondrous love You've shown to me.
I just want to thank You, Lord
Dying on the cross to set me free.

Copyright © 2008 Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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kanyamasuke2017-04-11May God Bless you
Jacqueline Lord2016-08-08Thank you for this great song that I can sing and praise my Lord and Savior. Great rhythm. I hear it play over in my mind and it brings me closer to Christ Jesus.
Darlene2015-10-07Thank you for this song of praise to our Lord Yeshua! I was searching for a worship song to sing before my daily Bible reading and this song was perfect. God bless your ministry
Darlene2015-10-06Thank you for this song of praise to our Lord Yeshua! I was searching for a worship song to sing before my daily Bible reading and this song was perfect. God bless your ministry
renae forbes2015-01-23Thank you lord for saving me
Mrs. Brown2014-11-21I really appreciate you for writing this song. I sung it to my Lord
tonight in my worship and praise. Thank you very much.
Yohanu2012-02-19Thank U LORD 4 Your Sacrifice!
May God Bless you
It's nice soulful 2 me.
NJAGI ERNEST2011-11-23That song have realy touched my soul. It's a wonderfull song will keep on changing many.
Timoteo2011-06-29I just want to thank you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross to set me free. Oh what a song!Oh praise the Lord for such wonderful celestial gifts.
roxcie2011-06-17how i wish i could hear the melody of the song..
but i know i will nxtym....the message are great!i just want to thank You LORD!
2011-02-07What key is this song in?
Norma Tubania2011-01-28what a great song to thank GOD of His wondrous love to me for the past 53 years..I LOVE THE SONG!
Shelena2010-04-20Wonderful Song of Gratefulness. Thanks!!
Twinson2010-04-06A beautiful song reminding us about whar the Lord has done. God bless your works
Jacque Fredricks2010-03-02Beautiful!!!
2009-12-12This is my first time listening to this song, It really touch my heart. It reminds me also how great is the love of Jesus Christ for me and to all He created. I thank the Lord for saving my life. Whoever composed this song....May God will give you more wisdom and good voice to the singer so that Christ will be known to all generation.God bless u all.
Kaykay2009-05-27I so bless that I found this site, I was having my hour of priase with my lord at home and I so happen to find this site. God is so good and this song also bless me. Thanks you
Francisco M. Nadayag,Jr.2009-05-07I love this song for singing to the Lord for thanking Him for what He done for me.I the Lord for rising you to make this song. Thank you sir Elton for the lyrics and cords of this song.I will try to learn this song and sing it to the Lord in my devotional.It is difficult to search for christian songs here in Jubail,KSA because christian songs is allowed here, so I thank the Lord that I found this site in internet.God bless you and your ministry. Your brother in the Lord, Frank
Craig2009-04-21beautifully done. I was truly blessed.
derek fernandes2009-03-23I really like the song and planning to use it for the easterv Services.I am the choirmaster of Christ the King Church in Kolkata India.Derek
Jeanne2009-03-17This song just took me one more step closer to Jesus. it is beautiful. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory I just happened to log in to some Christian song, and i got your. now I am going to look for more songs. God bless you
Sam2009-02-23I like this yes much its been helping me a lot in my life . And most of all i am going to write my exams. So please pray for me.sam
Debb2009-02-23This song really speaks to me. It's beautiful guys! Thank you Lord for dying on the cross to set me free! AMEN
In His Love,
jonah2009-01-30I like the song,it shows how we are thankful to our God.please send me a worship songs.
Jody2009-01-29I like this song. Very plesant and so to the point.
2009-01-18am blessed by this song. To God be all the Glory.
it is soul touching
Pavils2008-12-25Hai this is pavils . Pls send me some worship songs . So that i and my friends can use the songs exp our youth gatherings in my church .may god bless you
Pavils2008-12-17This song gave a great idea for me to praise the living god as i had not known the exact method of praise . May god bless you and may you compose many praise songs for our one and only god jesus christ .
Rona2008-10-14sir hello. am rona from the Philippines. Im a member of small town church here in the Philippines. I happened to find your songs i the net. I liked them. I was wondering if i can ask some of your old collections' copy? I really need songs for our choire every sunday worship services. I kinda ran out of songs to use and find a hard time looking for some. I cant play piano or guitar reason why i can't just play anything. Am just using tapes with demonstration and accompaniment. or karaoke cds. really pray i could seek favor from you. It'll be such a gratitude. God bless you.
caryn2008-10-13hello, i really like this song..can i please have the piano sheet...