Friends In The Lord

Written by Debbie Day
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Here is a beautiful song about friendship from Debbie Day. Be sure and visit her Indie Heaven site using the link below for more great songs. - Elton, September 29, 2008


I asked my Lord for a friend
And He sent me to you
You prayed for loneliness to end
And God drew you to me

We were meant to be friends for all time
To be friends in the Lord
In the Lord

I knew what friendship should be like
But I never found someone
Who could hold up the other side
Until I found you my friend

We were meant to be friends for all time
To be friends in the Lord
In the Lord

I thank the Father for your love
And for the person that you are
And I pray He keeps you safe
And that He never take you far

We were meant to be friends for all time
To be friends in the Lord
In the Lord

There are times when I'm afraid
But you never back away
You show me what I have inside
To help me face another day

We were meant to be friends for all time
To be friends in the Lord
In the Lord

Friends in the Lord
Meant to be friends for all time
Friends in the Lord

Copyright © 1990 Debbie Day (BMI)

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joyce carey2015-04-10very beautiful
James Harry Reyos2015-01-30Twin Flame, I'm sending this beautiful song to you my dear friend. Thanks for always being there for me, just like the Great Spirit is there for me. It's someone like you who accepts me for who I am, what I am -- without judgment. That's a TRUE FRIEND, indeed. May the Great Spirit always bless you all the days of your life. Always listen to this song to remind you that we're "true friends" along with the Great Spirit. He's the One who brought us together. Praise Him! Have A Nice Day! I leave you with my saying: "Don't look back, look ahead. Don't look down, look up....because that where it all is." --JAMES. Love you, Twin Flame. .
2012-06-04that is a very nice song about being good friends in the lord
ghema2012-01-17its a good song for a christian like us!
DD2010-11-11This is an amazing song - have you cut an album yet!
walaa2010-09-14what an awesome song ,Ireally enjoyed it
dyanna2010-01-10this is a beautiful wedding song to be sang just after the vows are! how sweet are those words..powerful....tears of joy....
2009-11-25 wish i could also found true friends in the lordGodbless everyboy! I'm lani
Sylvia2009-10-17Amazing Song..Well sung i must say!! Please give me the track for this song please!!
jho2009-08-24hi,im jho felices,yes lord your my best friend all the tme.thanks for all blessing to my family.
Breah Lawrence2009-07-25Hi my name is Breah Iam 10 years old I love your singingit is B.e.a.utiful
Ei2009-07-22This song is really great. I like the rythm and lyrics of course. Wonderful...
gerald cabotaje2009-05-19im not christian by religion but i love christian songs. including yours. (FRiends of lord) makes me strong when i hear such songs.i wish i could download it. pls tell me how. tnx
josie2009-03-05thanks for replying me.... but can i have the lyrics of this songs... friends in the lord...coz i like the song too much and i want to play it in guitar.... thanks in advance and God bless...
dss2009-02-24superb lyrics and music
Debb2009-02-23This is beautiful! Lovely melody. You have a beautiful voice Debbie.
In His Love,
Clarie Edward2009-02-13Great song Debbie.The day god bless me a litle more(that is with a husband)I will be playing this song at my wedding.THANKS.
jenglai2008-12-29wonderful music. i'm using it for my video gift in my ministry friends. thanks! God speed!
Shirley yoyce2008-11-18Very beautiful and lovely music. A great blessing to find a true friend.
2008-10-13What a beautiful song. And the best background music ever. God bless.