He Is There For You

Written by Peter Gringhuis and Larry Holder
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In every life a little rain must fall. My son, Eric, was battling cancer. Peter and Larry wrote this song in response. My mother has created a memorial page for Eric. - Elton, October 1, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to find the way
When will the darkness turn to day
Jesus is there to lead you on
My son, my son

Bring Him your cares and lay them down
Where there is need His love abounds
You can be sure He's always there
For you, for you

He is there for you
That is true, really true
He will care for you
That is true, that is true
He's there for you

Sometimes it's hard to find the way
When will the darkness turn to day
Jesus is there to lead you on
My son, my son

He is there for you
That is true, really true
He will care for you
That is true, that is true

He is there for you
That is true, really true
He will care for you
That is true, that is true
He's there for you
He's there for you

Copyright © 2008 Peter Gringhuis and Larry Holder

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James Harry Reyos2015-01-30Twin Flame, here's another song I found that is truly inspirational. I know you'll like it. It's sent to you from a dear friend: me. Of course we know that the Great Spirit is always there for us, no matter what. He loves us unconditionally, and that's reassuring to know. Plus, too, He promises us that He will NEVER leave us alone to fend for ourselves. He ALWAYS there!!! I do like this song. It's uplifting, and has a profound message. My best wishes to you, dear friend. Have A Nice Day! Remember: The Great Spirit is always there for you. Always, I'm always here for you too. Love you my friend. . --JAMES.
James2015-01-30Great song! I listened to it for the first time and it touched my heart so much, I listened to it three times in a row following the lyrics provided. God bless y'all.
Joel catabay2013-03-11Finally,ill find the right song to worship GOD,praise ye the name of our lord
John (Mike)2011-08-07 Love you songs I think I have found my favorite worship music place. I will continue to search and purchase I"m sure.
Karen2011-02-27Wow! This is truly a beautiful song! It's as if a friend is beside me comforting me with these lyrics!
Thank you for all the hard work to make this song available!
laurence2011-01-05Very spiritual what a good message for the lost please could you send me the chords for guitar
god bless
josie2010-02-10Nice to listen a christian song but how can i share this in my web?god bless
mariele2009-12-20Its a very simple and meaningful song. Its a reminder to that Jesus is the reason for everything and His always been there in and with us all the way. our Brother and ever Bestfriend.
annie2009-11-28Thank you for the reminder that God is always there for us. Sometimes when it's dark and it seems as if we're all alone, it's songs like these that give us hope to carry on. Thank you.
Leslie2009-06-05Such simple but powerful words, full of the revelation that God is always with us, ready to lead us, thank you you for this song, I love it and will share it with others too....
Jennifer2009-04-01In this world which is full of hatred and vegence. who can we rely on? NO ONE-JUST NO ONE. This song tells you when everyone else leave YOU GOD IS STILL THERE FOR YOU-HOW COMFORTING
Johnson Antony (India)2009-03-21This song is soul stirrinng and full of Hope.i would like to congradulate the lyrycist,the music composer,the lead singer and all other musicians.May our Lord Bless all who hear this song! Praise The Lord!
2009-03-17Lord even as I send this note to the wonderful people who wrote this song and has drawn so many to you, May their prayer be answered and may they receive that resurrection power over Eric, know that you heal and that you want Eric healed, for your glory and honor.In Jesus Name! Amen
Debb2009-02-23This is such a beautiful song. May the Lord bless all who hear this... It has certainly touched my heart! I am so very sorry to hear that Eric passed away in December :( God bless you all for your beautiful songs of praise!
In His Love,
Renata from Czech republick2009-02-12Thank You Dorleen for your praying. You are good. I know that God loves me, I know this, but I have problem to understand the way... sometimes I don´t know what is God´s wish and what He wants from me. In these days I must make important decision and I don´t know what is God´s will! Thank you for Your pray...
Dorleen Edway2009-02-11Reata, I am prayig for you. God can help you. He loves you.
Renata from Czech republick2009-02-11Thanks God for this song. These words give me piece in to my heart. These days are hard for me and these song give me what I need. Thanks!
Dorleen Edway2009-02-04Going thru some things today but then I found this song. It speaks deep in my heart and reminds me to look up to Him. He IS there for me no matter what and He cares what happens to me. Thanks for this anointed son.
Juman Anyi2009-02-03Oh God, it is really wonderful song.Peter & Larry Ilove this song, if possible send to me by the email state below. "God Bless You Guys". Elton, don't worried because our Lord Jesus never live us. Just pray for your son and God will reply. "God with your Family" Amin..
2008-11-21God bless you. I know that somethimes it does seem like we are alone, but we are never alone. He is with you.
Jeanne2008-11-11He is there for you, Eric, and Elton, and all who are in pain. Sometimes the pain gets to be too much, and then he holds us even closer. God Bless you and your family and grant you His Peace.
trish2008-11-10how do you get to hear the music? trish
Mary Beatty, Artist2008-11-10HE IS THERE FOR YOU - Oh my! The music and lyrics are so touching. And so TRUE. And comforting. And soothing. Absolutely Spirit anointed! I can only imagine the sweet tears that flowed during its creation. And all this from our Father's precious son, Jesus, for YOU, Elton's precious son, Eric!

Mary Beatty
Fern2008-11-08Beautiful words and music and I'm sure a comfort to the family, What a blessing,,,
Joe Medrek2008-11-05This song is a real hit.
jessie2008-11-05At a time when my heart was so heavy, this song gave me the strength to go on. Truly a wonderful song which touched my heart. God bless.
Sandra Sipe2008-10-31Peter and Larry, You guys did it again. Awesome song! So very beautiful. This song is so soothing to the weary soul as well as uplifting our spirirts to higher ground.
Thank You
2008-10-30Good song, would love a midi file or the score and also backing track.