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El Señor Es Mi Pastor

By Bob Forbes

This new song was composed in Spanish by Bob Forbes and performed by Bob and Yolanda Forbes. - Elton, 18 October 2008

Bob Forbes

Recording by Bob Forbes

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El Señor es mi Pastor.
Nada me faltara,
Nada me faltara.

(Verse 1)
El Señor es mi Pastor.
Nada me faltara.
Me da descanso en verdes pastos,
Me guia al lado de aguas tranquilas.
El refresca mi alma.

El Señor es mi Pastor.
Nada me faltara,
Nada me faltara.

Por Su camino me guia,
Cuando paso por la oscuridad.
Nada temo porque Tu vas con migo,
Tu vara y Tu baston.
Me da valor.

El Señor es mi Pastor.
Nada me faltara,
Nada me faltara.

(Verse 3)
Me preparas una mesa,
Enfrente a mis enemigos.
Me unges mi cabeza con aceite,
Mi copa rebosa.

El Señor es mi Pastor.
Nada me faltara,
Nada me faltara.

(Verse 4)
Tu bondad y misericordia,
Me siguen toda la vida.
Y habitare en la casa del Señor,
Toda mi vida.

(Repeat Refrain 2 times)
El Señor es mi Pastor.
Nada me faltara,
Nada me faltara.

Copyright © 2008 Bob Forbes

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Jose - Mayo esta guía de la canción usted con sus tribulaciones. ~ Bob de la paz
En mis momentos de tribulación es el mayor consuelo. Nunca me abandonado, nunca me faltado nada pese a mis infiddelidades.
José Luís Rivera M.
Thank you Alvin and Oswald - God Bless you
~ Bob
Canto lindo, estilo sagrado, voces lindas. Dios los bendiga. Yo he escrito himnos en espanol tambien.
Alvin Community Profile Link Alvin (fisher_AT_volstate_DOT_net)
Oswald Li (Hong Kong, China)
Hi Margaretha - thank you for the kind comments. If you have the Holy Bible in your native Indonesian language, you may be able to input the Psalm 23 in place of the Spanish words - depending on the amount of syllables, you may have to edit wording. Hope this helps
Bob Community Profile Link Bob
I love worship and praise Lord Jesus with songs and I would like to sing this song in church soonest in my langguage (Indonesia)
Margaretha Burnama (rbmanise_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Spanish to English translation: The lyrics of the song translated from Spanish are the English standard version of Psalm 23.
~Bob Community Profile Link ~Bob
- thank you Majorie, your kind words are most certainly appreciated.
In Faith,
Bob Community Profile Link Bob
danki, i Dios bendishoná abo Esther.
~ Bob i Yolanda Forbes
Konta Bob,
Enberdat e kantika ta tokami hopi, i ta laga nos realmente korda ku Hesus ta nos Pastor tur momentu, i ku nada lo falta nos.

Esther Brigitha.
(Language Papiamento)
Curacao Netherlands Antiles (24-05-2009)
Esther Brigitha (gilesta_AT_onenet_DOT_an)
I just love this song it bless my heart in fact i just love all your songs God bless you with the inspiration to continue do God work.
Majorie (albert_marge_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Obrigado Edson - O Deus abençoa,
A Paz Bob Deus seja cada vez mais em sua vida! belo salmo cantado.É para refletir se Ele tem sido nosso pastor, se tem nos conduzido. Deus o Abençoe.
Hi Bob

This is a lovely song!

He is our Shepherd and our Lord indeed!
Bonjour Atta ; )) Merci...
~ Bob
J'aime ce chant. les mélodies etles paroles sont merveilleuses. Merci. Le Seigneur vous inspire encore de telles melodies. Amen!
ATTA (aqwame_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
I do not understand Spanish, But the musci,and words, really touched me in a big way,the vocal is so soft and sweet, it toughed my heart, Praise God for people like you all.
Ron Hannah (ronrhan_AT_telus_DOT_net)
Thank you Vera - I am happy this song has touched people. ~ Bob
This is such a beautiful song. It comes at the right time. Thank you.
Vera (Vera431_AT_aol_DOT_com)
can i have english lyrics of el senor plz!
Godfrey (gmagodi_AT_yahoo_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
Thank you all, so glad this song of Psalm 23 has touched hearts. I will be performing it at Quinceañeras this Spring and summer at Mass. God Bless, Bob
I have two sons that live in Mexico Ricardo and Lucho I love the melody of this song. I'm
learning how to sing this song in spanish so when i go back to mexico i can sing this song for my boys
papa lamoreaux (nck792_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
This song has a lovely melody. I do not speak spanish nor understand the words yet it is so calming.
In His Love
Hi, QueenPortia here...................
I love the melody of this song. I'm
learning how to sing this song in spanish.
This song will be my first spanish song to
learn; I can't wait. Thank You, God Bless
QueenPortia (queenjportia_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
hi! i really love this song. i wish i could have a copy of the piano notes...i really appreciate it.
ethel of philippines (eja_upm_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Thank you Suzanne ; )) The English translation would be Psalm 23 (The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want...). The vocal line / chord music is only one I wrote for this song, I just build on the chords when performing. In Faith, Bob
This song certainly deserves many votes. The voices and harmony is so beautiful. I wish it would be translataed either in french or english. Would like to see the piano score... thanks!
Suzanne (Canada)

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