You Love Me Still

Written by Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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Peter started this song by writing the music. The melody really spoke to Larry and I and we wrote these lyrics. We pray the song speaks to your heart also. Many thanks to Margriet Brasz for singing the accompaniment parts. - Elton, 15 February 2009


Love is patient love is kind
Your love is always there
Moving mountains in my mind
Your love is always there

How can it be
Your love reaches me?
Reaches me

Love is eager to forgive
Your love is always there
By your mercy now I live
Your love is always there

In You I find
The eternal, divine

And You love me still, though I fall
When I can't seem to love at all
You are there with tender care
And You hear each time I call
Yes You love me still

You will guide me in the way
Your love is always there
Even though at times I stray
Your love is always there

In You alone
I have found my way home

And You love me still, though I fall
When I can't seem to love at all
You are there with tender care
And You hear each time I call
Yes You love me still

Oh oh oh oh, You love me still (You love me still)
Oh oh oh oh, You love me still (You love me still)
Oh oh oh oh, You love me still (You love me still)

Copyright © 2009 Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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2016-06-28Words of the song just beautiful. The music it just blows you away. It's a blessing
Prettyhumblelady2012-04-27Myself copy songs this story...Make me feel strong love it..Really so beautiful that one..Keep songs veru worth show God,s heard..Make me bigand
Shylesh2011-09-29Good one by PetEL. God bless
Tigist2010-12-27I love this song really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ashnic2010-11-05im very thankful that i found a new life with jesus... thanks that i found this song here!!!
helen2010-10-25my god my heart sing and cry for this song.....god bless
Eddie2010-07-04What a wonderful song. I really enjoyed it, thanks and God bless you
Abegail2010-06-25how to sing this song?
Christina2010-02-18What a song! Jesus, Thankyou so much for still loving me... a wretched soul.
Karin2010-02-14Thank you for & I really like this sing,"You Love Me Still!" God Bless You!
molly2009-10-03this song made me cry when i heard my dauther sing it to me
SINDILE2009-09-25wow this song is realy nice i it.its my first time to open this page but i think i'v follen in love with it.keep going even more high becouse u have come unto mount zion in the comany of enummerable angels. continue praising God.I LOVE U GYS.
manuel2009-09-06I was lookin for radio stations on gospel songs. found this one. Truly i m going to enjoy this station. great effort by all involved in composing the wonderful songs of praise.Keep up the good work. God Bless.
2009-08-12This song is powerful
june2009-07-25This is a great song. It has a good melody that even children appreciate it. Keep on composing and playing these kinds of songs. God bless you.
ken_Alberta, Canada2009-07-23I've been enjoying your praise songs for a couple of year's since stumbling on your website when I needed a lift in spirit. Peter, Elton and Larry, you've been blessed with a tremendous gift in your songwriting talents, keep it're a blessing to others...great ministry and a great way to honor an uncomparable loving God
Breah Lawrence2009-07-18My name is Breah I am 10 years old let me tell you THAT WAS AWSOME I LOVE IT KEEP IT UP PERFECT BYE
2009-05-23I have opening preliminaries for children ages 1-10 years. Our theme this quarter is: "God's Love to Man." This song gives examples of God's Love. I will use it as one of my resources.
Bwin2009-04-27The song is just true and meaningfull..its key words for person like me who fallen in to sin and have crossed the promise i have with him. And i wake up and try t come back in to light..when i cry and pray..i found him still right in the front!He is really a GOD who forgive!!
2009-04-02it is so touchable to my heart. it ease my burdens.
i feel so positive on this day.
it really inspired me of.
sooooz2009-03-07awesome!!! even my dog loved it she sat patiently and listened to the entire song. that is saying lots!!
Sandra Sipe2009-03-02Aaah..really nice guys, it strengthens the spirit in the inner man. I see this song as a flash video. Any chance of that?
Mel Patterson2009-03-02Wonderful. Inspirational. Thank you. I sometimes use this site for the daily praises I send out with your copyrights included always. I have been sending our a daily praise since 2005. Again thank you.
Grandma Smith2009-03-02"You Love Me Still" is a beautiful love song that probably a husband can sing to his wife because I didn't hear the word Jesus, Lord or Heavenly Father mentioned in the song. The melody is precious, however, this song can be played in the secular world, and it would be considered a love song.
Mary Beatty2009-03-02I don't like your new song, guys. I LOVELOVELOVE it!! Just one little problem though: Listen to it 3 times and it will resound again and again in your heart. For days. And nights! Until you feel compelled to go listen to the mp3 again. Over and over. Thank you for this precious message set to haunting music! Your BEST!!
Nancy Entzminger2009-03-01Thank you for sharing this beautiful song, both lyrics and melody. It has meaning for all persons. Keep them coming. I enjoy them all.
Fern2009-03-01Lovely song, Good work.
peg2009-03-01beautiful! luv it.
Mary2009-02-26This is a lovely, uplifting song of praise. As we enter the Lenten period, it is very appropriate as it conveys our sense of humility as we remember how much He loves us all. I shall share it with my family, thank you so much.
Debb2009-02-23Oh my, this is beautiful. The melody is quite lovely. Thank you for another beautifully written and sung song praising our Lord.
In His Love,