Gentle Rain

Written by Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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All over the world people are experiencing storms and trials. We have tried to express the prayer of millions for some gentle rain. Peter wrote the music. Larry and I wrote the lyrics. Margriet Brasz sings harmony with Peter on the recording. - Elton, 3 September 2009

Many thanks for Cary Cornwell for the new piano score. - 17 March 2010


(Wind in the desert)

(Verse 1)
On my own, I quickly lose my way
Here I am
Where desert lands surround
And no relief is found
Yet I know You're always there for me
If I seek Your face
And as I humbly kneel
Within my soul I feel...

Gentle rain, Lord
A blessing from above
Send Your rain, Lord
And shower me in love
No more sorrow, no more pain
Just healing and relief
In the comfort of Your gentle rain


(Verse 2)
Sometimes the storms are more than I can bear
And I cry,
"Lord, though my hope is sure
How long must I endure?"
And You reply, "Without these storms in life
You could not be strong"
Then by Your grace they end
And in their place You send...

(Repeat Chorus)
Gentle rain, Lord
A blessing from above
Send Your rain, Lord
And shower me in love
No more sorrow, no more pain
Just healing and relief
In the comfort of Your gentle rain

No more sorrow, no more pain
No more sorrow, no more pain
In You I'm free
No more sorrow, no more pain
As I feel Your gentle care
Rain down on me

(Repeat Chorus)
Gentle rain, Lord
A blessing from above
Send Your rain, Lord
And shower me in love
No more sorrow, no more pain
Just healing and relief
In the comfort of Your gentle rain

No more sorrow, no more pain
Just healing and relief
In the comfort of Your gentle rain

(Gentle rain)

Copyright © 2009 Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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Ejiro Nelson2023-03-01God bless you guys. By the of God i hope to see you all in the earth made new in jesus name
Ejiro Nelson2023-03-01God bless you guys. By the of God i hope to see you all in the earth made new in jesus name
James Harry Reyos2015-01-30Awesome song! Brings peace to one's heart. Rain is a way that the Great Spirit tells us that He cares about us despite our trouble, sadden lives. This is the first time I visit this website, and it will not be the last. Such great songs to listen to -- very uplifting, encouraging, comforting, and inspiring to the heart and soul. "" website is a blessing to me. Thanks! --JAMES.
Donald2014-11-01I was just looking for praise songs tonight and i can say that God lead me to the right place. I listened to so many songs and through this one i could felt the presence of the lord so deeper in my spirit.
Angie2014-04-18I first heard "Gentle Rain" on a page that I receive once a week. I just love the music and words so much that I listen to it almost every day. I would like to put it on my MP3 player and order some of your other CD. Please advise.
Angie2014-03-23This song lifts my spirits when I feel down.
Janet2013-03-25Gentle Rain is beautiful and so peaceful. thank you so much for sharing your music. God's blessing and Happy Glorious Resurrection Day.
Carol2013-02-22I love this song gentle rain..I cry every time I listen to it...
AV2012-07-29thank you so much - beautiful creation & wonderful message from God! God bless you.
Carol2012-05-12this is just beautiful, so inspirational,tears came flowing down my cheeks while listeming..God bless you
Tim2012-04-15I sang this song in church today - it wasn't planned. It was a spontaneous response to the soloist being sick. I felt the need to sing it so I volunteered. Let me get one thing perfectly clear - i am not a singer - just the guy that controls the sound board! But, I took a big risk. I felt God urging me to sing this wonderful message. As I was singing the final words to this song, I notice a great number in the audience wiping tears from their face. Was I really that bad??? No, God spoke (through this song) to these people. It was a message that they needed to hear. Many came to me after the service an told me how this song spoke directly to them - one suffering from cancer, another one's husband had been very sick, etc. It ended up humbling me knowing God used a person like me (with very limited music abilities)as an instrument to comfort these people. I cannot thank you enough for you web site offering these beautiful arrangements. ~Tim.
JANE GRAY2012-02-25make it rain jane i know i have the greatest love now i will show you the world will be in surprise may we dance i say shed some tears but dance in the end i know now i no longer lonely daniel you knew the world will be in a surprise i love you no matter what you had my SOUL
2011-12-29oH HOW I GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS SONG.IT'S LIKE TALKING TO JESUS thru my prayer.5*****
Lily s2011-06-23Thank you for this beautiful and meaningful song. i feel like i'm speaking to GOD what is in my heart.
Gregory2010-12-20What a beautiful message and feeling I received. The Lord surely spoke through you and we are all blessed because of it. Thankyou
Rick2010-10-24Thanks you for this message this evening.
gary2010-10-16this song reminds me of the Lords all surrounding eternal embrace --- well done , I would like to use this at my daughters 18 th birthday
2010-10-11There is healing in the words, I can close my eyes lift my face and feel the cleansing rain fall.
sekar2010-10-08Good song
Jona2010-10-01Praise the ETERNAL! This is such a beautiful song!
June2010-09-18 Every time I hear this lovely song I feel very emotional. It is the most beautiful song I have heard for a long time. Bless you all for hearing from the Lord.
ariel2010-09-09i truly love the gentle rain
Edward Cheung2010-05-31Though the melody is slow and simple, the song speak the words of my heart, I encounter the same condition as the song says. Ireally hope the gentle rain quickly shine on me,
(Edward from Hong Kong)
sandra2010-05-24I loved this song very much
2010-05-24I just loved this song
mark2010-05-13Gentlemen, This song is beautiful. I can't wait to do it in my church. I'm sure it will be a blessing to all .
Donna from Australia2010-04-24I felt the annointing of grntle grace, dew drops of love and the latter rain. Keep on singing. He will honor those who honour Him.Praise God for the song
leo2010-04-21thank you for sharing your times you will feel down you will find comfort once you hear this song...
June2010-04-14Absolutely beautiful song.
Tin2010-03-21During I was listening I was cry.
Why I don't know, later I feel better.
This song touch my heart.
Thank you so much for the song.
John2010-03-14This such a great song it helps so much in hard times i loved it from the first time i heard it i played it over and over yhank u soo much
carlene2010-03-07this is so awesome
TyranDodson@hotmail.com2010-02-19I Love this song!!!The first time I've heard it. Do you know how I can download it for our Easer Play??
Ambrósio2010-02-02This is truly an inspired song, it blesses my heart so deeply. May God bless the one who wrote and sang it. I really like it.
Rose2010-01-25beautiful - full of Grace
Steve2009-12-31This is a stunningly beautiful song.
Mathew, Christina, Claire and Issel.2009-12-13I felt healed.... Praise God! Trials sure give us more strength.... Sometimes we fail to realise it.... Thankyou and God bless you...
Pastor Sandy2009-12-06Before the song I was sad. Now I amHappy. I lost my Husband in May 2009 and have been full of sorrow, but now, gentle rain has helped a lot. Thank you.
JECHRIS2009-11-18I fell in love with the song the first time i heard it... i felt God's love...its truly amazing.
June2009-11-18Absolutely beautiful and comforting!
lynne2009-10-13i like this song very gentle
norma2009-10-09Absolutely beautiful - Words cannot express
2009-09-09great song. would like to see music score to use in my church
It's ready... see the link above. - Elton
2009-09-09this is a very beautiful, moving song. will you be posting the mp3 acc track any time soon? may God continue to use, guide and direct all of you to do what the rest of us only wish we could.
Sam Simuzoshya2009-09-09Beautiful soothing song.
Thank for sharing the gift and blessing the world with such touching words.
Be blessed
wamema Natembeya2009-09-08
It blesses my heart. God richly bless you as you minister healing to the world!
2009-09-08First I give thanks and praise our great God for giving you the ability to bring this song to us. Thank you to you and to all the team for this wonderful song, I'm so blessed. May God bless you.
johnnymbarit2009-09-08A beautiful and inspiring song reflecting the longings of the heart to be comforted by God's tenderness and love especially in times of cloudy, dark and stormy life. Thanks be to the Father as His tender mercies and care always flow abundantly from His glorious throne.
CH Bob2009-09-07Praise the LORD~!!!

Be Blest and be a Blessing
Lea2009-09-07This is a beautiful, wonderful song. The melody is so gentle like the title of the song says and I love the lyrics as well. My favourite part is "Without these storms in life you could not be strong". Then by Your grace they end and in their place You send..gentle rain, Lord
Thank you so much for this song
Lois Nyasani2009-09-05well, some songs might be very fast but this one is unlike them. slow, steady and touching. God bless the creator of the song.
emmanuel2009-09-05this song is really deep and i find it very inspirational to God be the glory if anyone can send it to my email i would be greatful