Open Arms

Written by Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Links to contributors: Peter Gringhuis videos, Larry Holder

Peter wrote the music for this song. Larry and I added the lyrics. Margriet Brasz joins Peter in the recording. - Elton, 3 February 2010


(Verse 1)
When I'm feeling tired
When the road is long
You restore my soul
Giving me a song

When I'm all alone
When the clouds appear
You call out my name
And remove all fear

(Chorus 1)
I run with open arms
To You, You're always there
You know my every care

(Verse 2)
When the colors fade
When the teardrops fall
You light up my eyes
When I hear You call

When I've lost my way
When my hope is gone
You are reaching out
Urging me along

(Repeat Chorus 1)
I run with open arms
To You, You're always there
You know my every care

(Chorus 2)
The shelter of Your arms
Is where I long to be
You're everything to me

Jesus, I run for shelter to You
(You're calling out my name)
Jesus, I run for shelter to You
(You're urging me along)
Jesus, I run for shelter to You
(You know my every care)
Jesus, I run for shelter to You
(Into Your arms)

Copyright © 2010 Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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ค๓คภ๔ค2011-12-07Very uplifting
2011-09-28Beautiful and Heart touching song. Thanks. God bless.
susie2011-08-17most wonderful hit right at home ..i been right i fall short of his glory and this song took me running back.. thanks God bless you!!!susie
Naomi2011-05-26i luv dis song it is very nice i sand it be4 in my church
Bessie2011-03-11I'm going thru some trying times and this song spoke to me to leave everything in His hands and He will take care of it. Thank you and Praise God for the song. Love you in Him
Fatima2010-12-17So touching are the words of this song. It really ministered to me. Wonderful work.
Sunshine2010-07-28Thank you for sharing your talent with the public. I love this song!
Sunny2010-07-10its amazing ..... i cant say any more.. its really !
Bruno2010-05-25Wonderful song
2010-05-11great song! great words with great meaning.
james2010-04-02very nice song.
DARLENE2010-03-29jesus, how i love that name!!! thank you for taking away mt addiction to alcohol
kang2010-03-20very calm song and grace song thank to God
jaime r.cutura2010-03-15i like..this song..
ANGELA2010-03-14this song fit in with what I was feeling today and was comforting. It is like yourr earlier ones and very beautiful
Christina2010-02-23So comforting....
pam barefield2010-02-22i really like this song because i walk through a lot of long wilderness, and these words and the tone of the song is encourging and god seeking. i would love to have a copy.thnks for sharing it with all of us out here! keep looking up he's coming.
Roland Villareal2010-02-20that was just so beautiful
christine2010-02-11this song gives us the assurance how God is faithful & always have an open arms in helping us when our life is down, thank God for giving this assurance.No more fears & doubts...
Lea2010-02-06Wow, this song is so wonderful, lyrics, melody and the arrangement - everything in this song. Thank you so much, Peter, Elton and Larry for this beautiful gift. Peter and Margriet, your voices sound wonderful together. I love this song!
2010-02-06Amazing jesus is the one who can understand us.thanks for ur song.He is the being with us forever and ever.