You Alone Are Worthy

Written by Nick Mott
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Here is another song from Nick's new Journey CD. What a song! Stop by and visit his web site using the banner. He has many more wonderful songs. - Elton, 30 March 2010


(Verse 1)
You alone are worthy Lord
To receive my highest praise
You alone deserve my all
I lay my crown before Your throne

Faithful witness of God's love
Ruler of all kings on earth
The only way the truth and life
The One who calls to love and serve

I sing praises to Your name
The one who died and rose again
I offer worship to the Lamb
The one who triumphed over death

(Verse 2)
Eternal Son who was and is
You'll never change; You'll always be
The First, the Last the Living One
Almighty God and Lord of All

Provider of amazing grace
The giver of a perfect peace
I lift my prayers up to Your throne
Your mercy rains down from above.

(Repeat Chorus)
I sing praises to Your name
The one who died and rose again
I offer worship to the Lamb
The one who triumphed over death

Your praise will never end,
Your glory never fade,
You bought me with your blood
You saved me from the grave

Words and Music by Nick Mott. Published 2010
and released under a Creative Commons Works 3.0 License.
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2017-02-15Beautiful words of worship.
adromedia booysen2014-08-29very spiritually uplifting song.neva get tired of listening to it
veronica2014-04-12VERY nice song
2014-01-08I enjoyed listening to the song. Although I searched for it in itunes but couldn't find it.
anjelo2012-12-27this song is so touching, god bless the singer.
C. Willems2012-12-06I am a believer but have been struggling with my faith recently. I was looking to make a legal Christmas c.d. for my suv and I came across this song. It was so moving that I found myself feeling emotional. Anyone looking to hear a beautiful song should take the time to listen to this. Take care.
Cindrel Ramirez-Escototo2012-05-08So blessed while listening to the song you have composed...May God continually bless your ministry....
2012-04-17May our God bless you ...keep on composing more inspirational songs for His glory.
Rani2012-03-28Jesus You reign! Thank You for You Saving Grace...
ค๓คภ๔ค2011-12-08Beautiful words!
Ling2011-08-30Beautiful song!Love it.
2011-01-30so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it
badong_HCM2011-01-24God Inspired Song!God Bless!
Cecile Pascua2010-12-06Praise God...Thanks for the very inspiring music..God bless us all.//
Ms. Hasti2010-11-12Dear Nick Mott,this is avery beautifull lyric and beautifull song. God bless you
cherriemae santos2010-11-10thank u 4 this so beautiful
2010-10-27The song is really beautiful.i like the strike of the drum.
Laura2010-09-21Thanks for this song. I was in tears. it really has ministered to me. May God bless you richly in his love, peace, mercy, and joy. It is Jesus that we live, move, and have our being!!!
merader2010-04-13what a very nice song.
Peter2010-04-10Nick, its a very inspirational and great song Thank God for your talent. Peter-G
Shirley King2010-04-10I thougherly enjoyed it. We shpuld wake up praising God for every day that we are alive. We should even praise him and thank him for even waking us up in the morning.
Anthony Akpan2010-04-09Glory, He triumph over death. God bless you all for lifting my soul from trouble.
2010-04-07GOD bless all of you!!!
Luke Vital2010-04-04Wonderful tune and spiritual.
It goes to your heart.
Darlene Paulson2010-03-31This is a great song, and a wonderful site.Bless all of you..