He Arose

Written by Joe Medrek
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This song was inspired by a picture of a "rose". The color of red reminded me of the blood. The color green reminded me of the resurrection. The thorns reminded me of the crown of thorns. So although you don't see any references to the "rose", you will see references to the blood, the thorns, and the resurrection. - Joe Medrek, 23 July 2010


Upon His head
A crown of thorns,
The soldier whipped
The skin was torn,
The blood He shed
For you and me,
It paved the road
On Calvary,

When all is told,
The crown will show,
When three days passed
He arose,

He paid the price
We couldn't pay,
The keys of death
He snatched away,
The blood drops flowed
That crimson red,
From off the crown
Upon his head,

When all is told
The crown will show,
When three days passed,
He arose,
He arose.

When all is told
The crown will show,
When three days passed
He arose,
He arose.

Copyright © 1997 Joe Medrek

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Joe2017-08-03Hi, I wrote this song, and have written and recorded dozens more. My new website is
Joe2012-06-28My songs are on www.onlygodsword.com
i am looking for more of your songs!
deborah2012-03-24thank God he rose in my soul
Jakoob2012-02-20if anyone wants to make songs with other people online, there is a new page called overjam.com. different players can add tracks to your song, and then you choose which tracks you will put into the song. I think its the only page like that out there.
Lisa2012-02-20Excellent song! I rejoice in the fact that he arose. Amen!
Joe2011-10-07Sorry about the late comment, but thanks for your response.
KimchiLvr2011-09-05Wonderful! What a voice! The song makes you cry and then...REJOICE at the fact that "He Arose" and... still LIVES!! AMEN!
Light2011-02-08I think the song should be named "The Crown", It will get more clicks, is simplistic, and really emphasises the blood dripped from the crown (which you display wonderfully in this song). The song has He Arose too. But really captures me on the blood shed for me, and the color you put into the song. Your singing is very good and would be a help to the world as you stay in God's holy presence.
roy grizzle2010-12-27only one word [beautiful] thank you
Ming (Malaysia)2010-09-16
The catchy tone and meaningful words are a blessing to me. Thank you.