A Christmas Prayer

Written by Jed Santa Maria
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Here is a new Christmas song by Jed Santa Maria, sung by Guada Perry and Jovy Laroya. Be sure and click the banner for information about Jed's Christmas album. - Elton, 24 October 2010

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I stare into the starry satin sky tonight
And sense the scent of Christmas in the air
The colored lights of night delight the eye tonight
While peace and joy are present everywhere
Yet gifts too often fill the merry mind tonight
And seldom do we let God's spirit stay
But still our Lord is merciful and kind tonight
And so I tell Him as I humbly pray
Lord I thank you for the family and friends throughout the years
Would you bless them all with happiness and dry their every tear
And so my friend, I wish you lots of love
In the holy name of Jesus Christ above

Copyright © 2009 Jed Santa Maria

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Edward2017-12-06Love this song.....
Michael2017-03-19LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST Thee GOD abraham isaac jacob is thee RIGHTEOUS way Amen
Janet Ryle2015-12-03This is a beautiful prayer and song! Have you got one for a lonely person who wants to go home to be with Lord?
ify francis2015-11-17A wonderful piece n inspiring...Thumbs up!!
2014-12-08A very very beautiful song. We will be promoting it in our Christmas on air show and referring the listeners directly to you for purchase and updates on your music....
ichal2014-12-05Beautifful song
Ty2014-12-01Beautiful piece
Marie2013-12-20This song is so beautiful never heard this song before Awesome.
God bless you all!
Have a merry Christmas
and a happy new year.
Noel2013-11-26Liked it from the moment I heard it.Will use it this year as a school carol
Jules'2013-10-03This song is so beautiful our Church group "Maranatha" that I am lead singer of are going to sing this at Christmas. It really touches the heart. I'm from Our Lady Help of Christians RC Church in Kirkby-in-Ashfield UK
Jules2012-12-10😘 absolutely love this song, it really touches the heart and makes you feel like you ate with The Lord at this special time x
christy2012-10-21What a heart felt song..I love it. Thank you so much for sharing..
Belly2012-08-09Thank you for this great work,it's really wonderful. God bless the work that you accomplished. Belly
joseph2011-12-15i like all song..god blessed u all ..
Sandra2011-12-14Thank you for this lovely song.
unknown2011-12-04dis song is so beautiful and amazing
marge2011-12-03a very touching song. never heard this one is 'once caught, never let go' kind of song in my list. Thank you for reminding me this season to be grateful to God for blessings He gave.
Vicky2011-10-29all for Jesus Almighty His majesty!!!
2011-10-06It was truly a blessing
kali2011-10-06thank you for this beautiful prayer song, wish u all a merry merry christmas GOD Bless
prayer2011-09-23Beautiful song ! Amazing !Love it !!
alice2011-08-31i like the song much.
karl2011-08-29This will be my Prayer this CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
Bless them all with happiness and dry their every tear
And so my friend, I wish you lots of love
In the holy name of Jesus Christ.
Prisquile Irene2010-12-26very beautiful song
Mags2010-12-22Thank you for giving me a prayer song to send to my friends
2010-12-20Beautiful song!
edi2010-12-08My friends, "lots of love" and enjoy the Holy Days that are to come.

I have something to share with you. It is a very nice Christmas carol. You can find it at:

Thanks to The Collins Family for this piece of joy.
ranjith2010-12-01Nice. God bless u. I Wish all friends merry christmas. Pls pray for me and my ministries.
jaya2010-11-17song was ausum, i loved it my wish is u to write many songs on christmas.
2010-11-11You guys should totally start putting songs where ppl r singing them the instrumental that would make ur site alot kooler And keep up the good work not a lot of people still try to keep their religion alive Thnx
Catherine2010-11-04I agree. I wish christmas were more about loooove.
Neat voice,
2010-10-29This song was sung beautifully. Sometimes people get caught up with presents and forget what Christmas is about.Love, family, kindness surrounded in God's Love.Thank you for this beautiful song and your beautiful voice. God Bless and Happy Holidays