A Child Is Born

Written by Jed Santa Maria
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A wonderful new Christmas song by Jed Santa Maria. Be sure and click the banner for information about Jed's Christmas album. - Elton, 24 October 2010


(Verse 1)
Another year of His faithfulness
No need to fear, just pray and rest
In His arms... and be blessed
Another year of gratefulness
For all who hear and know
God gave His best on that night
When angels sang and shepherds ran
To meet the God of the universe
Transformed into Man!

A child is born in the night
Bringing light and truth the world's never seen
The sun and stars know His name
One now shines its light over Bethlehem

(Verse 2)
A time for all to celebrate
In reverent awe, all of creation sings out
Joyful praise
A time for all to reminisce
The miracle—
A mother kisses her God!
The perfect Lamb, the Great I Am
The only one who will conquer death
And save all of Man!

A child is born in the night
Bringing light and truth the world's never seen
The sun and stars know His name
One now shines its light over Bethlehem

Copyright © 2009 Jed Santa Maria

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Michael2017-03-19LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST Thee GOD of abraham isaac jacob is thee RIGHTEOUS way Amen
Daniel2016-11-30Rely good wanderful I like it
Nina2015-12-10Good job
Zerina2014-12-12Lovely song for christmas.. thankyou! God Bless
2014-11-26Nicely sung, beautiful
renold shalet2014-10-18beautiful song!
fetnavarro2014-10-03Beautiful song
2013-08-11beautiful song....the Lord has given me songs but I don't have anyone to help me record them.
sorna2013-03-23It is very interesting for all.
pranap2012-11-25very beautiful song...really god love every one..
muniva2012-11-14i love the song
2012-10-23Oh how beautiful a song......love it
ericson barrientos of philippines2012-10-13i love the song... your such a good singer
Grace2012-07-11what a beautiful song, Jed i love u
ghie2011-12-15what a beautiful song I heard. Jed has a soothing voice. God bless u!
Sandra2011-12-14Really like this;thank you.
Robby2011-12-02I'm blessed with this song very much ,thank U
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kaarl2011-11-10A wonderful gift for Christmas
Thank you...........
Mary2011-10-31Precious song, moved me deeply
heiz2011-10-23love the songs...God bless u all
joy2011-10-13very nice song...thank you...
2011-10-11What a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing it!
egan tallo2011-10-09Im blessed with the song and wishes to sing it in our church....can you share a midi profile for this?
I hope so and God bless you with more songs to compose....
conrad2011-07-21a very soul-inspiring, spiritually-enriching masterpiece! we need more songs like this. it's a song for all season. jed santa maria, you are blessing to us all.
Jayrhein Camino2011-04-16I praised God through this song. can you share to me the accompaniment?
ERWIN2011-01-04what a beautiful song...how can i download this song pls..
Pippo2011-01-04Canzone con un bellissimo testo !! Grazie mille !
Wim2010-12-26I wish you all happy Xmas and a wonderfull new year.
Ranjana2010-12-24This song touched my heart,may God bless you.
Yogita2010-12-19Oh!its really beautiful it touched my heart infact i m crazy for such music. Infact I am longing to buy a player I please pray that Jesus will help me buy itGod bless & wish u a Merry Christmas.Thank you.
gail2010-12-11i loved this song
Patricia2010-12-06Very beautiful and sung with a lot of feeling. God bless you
fatokun adedeji2010-12-01I wish you all happy new month and Xmas/new year in advance. So I celebrate with you with the above piece of song.
shalu2010-11-26wow!!what a awesome song....
eva2010-11-23 its really a must hear song.
Melzer2010-11-15Wow this is really a heartrending song.
Jmr2010-11-06i it... for every year to come....Praise his name......JESUS
Cheryl2010-10-30I think this song is very beautiful and it just makes Christmas extra special!!!!!
j2010-10-28this is a beautiful song. i love it