Softly, Sweetly

Written by Jed Santa Maria
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Here is a new Christmas song by Jed Santa Maria, sung by Guada Perry. Be sure and click the banner for information about Jed's Christmas album. - Elton, 24 October 2010


(Verse 1)
Softly, sweetly, into the night
Sleeps a baby, all wrapped in white
Angels, shepherds, and little drummer boy
Gather around this bundle of joy singing
God in Heaven has come to earth
Oh how awesome is your birth!
Sleep now baby Lord and Living Word
Rest your head now, close your eyes, sweet dreams

(Verse 2)
Softly, sweetly, still as the morn
Sleeps a baby savior born
Three wise men from orient lands
Come to greet this precious little lamb singing
God is with us, God is here
Now there's nothing we shall fear
Holy perfect everlasting one
Rest your head now, close your eyes, sweet dreams

(Verse 3)
Softly, sweetly, sent from above
Sleeps a beautiful gift of love
Children in the ages to come
Gather around their daddy and mom wond'ring
Who's this baby Jesus
He looks a lot like us
Children dear, he's the Christ in Christmas eve
Rest your heads now, close your eyes, believe

Copyright © 2009 Jed Santa Maria

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Debbie M.2020-06-29Such a lovely, lyrically relevant Christmas themed song. Lovely vocal! Thank you for writing and sharing this lullaby-like Christmas reflection. Jesus was our gift Enjoying it in the month of June 2020.Thank you God for the greatest Gift.
2015-11-28very soothing. I like great song to reminds us of Christ birth
prechy2014-12-10wow I love dis song
2014-11-19Very nice.
2012-06-24soft and sweet.
2011-12-19verrry soft n verrry sweeet song!!! i njoyed it!!
Jyothi2011-12-05such a lovely song...... Absolutely Loved it...
Diane2011-11-03A Very beautiful and peaceful song!!
airica2011-10-26 what a beautiful song!
2011-06-02Nice it
2011-05-04This song is just amazing...........
Love it.....
Elijah2010-12-27May GOD Bless you , It is very nice Christmas song
Ninqz2010-12-14Nice and beautiful ,, (:
Soothing and peace <3
2010-10-30Beautiful! I Love it! Lovely christmas song.... Christina