To The Cross My Heart Returns

Written by Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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Though at times we seem alone, God has not forgotten us. Look for His hand in your life and you will see Him guiding and protecting you. Return in your mind to the cross, to the moment you first believed and received forgiveness.

Peter wrote the music and the preliminary lyrics in Dutch. Larry and I completed the lyrics using Peter's theme. Peter sings the melody and Margriet Brasz sings harmony on the recording. - Elton, 29 October 2010

Languages for this song:
Dutch/Flemish, Finnish


(Verse 1)
On a rugged, cruel cross
His life was in the balance
Despised for all mankind
Reduced to pain and suffering
His promise to fulfill
God gave His only son
And we will not forget the price He paid

(Verse 2)
In the light of our belief
We're living true to Jesus
In His death He gave us life
A life of peace and purpose
Though at times we seem alone
The day will surely come
The day when we will be with Him

To the cross my heart returns
Where the journey all began
Where Jesus held me in His arms
The sting of death He overcame
Though His love was undeserved
By grace my heart believed
Forgiveness there was found on the cross

(Verse 3)
Now by living in His power
With Jesus as our anchor
The Father's wish has been fulfilled
His love has drawn us closer
It is God's abiding grace
That gently leads us on
As now we live our lives through His Son

(Repeat Chorus)
To the cross my heart returns
Where the journey all began
Where Jesus held me in His arms
The sting of death He overcame
Though His love was undeserved
By grace my heart believed
Forgiveness there was found on the cross

Copyright © 2010 Peter Gringhuis, Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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Jiri2014-01-13Lovely song!
MARIO CARUANA2012-11-09'Forgiveness there was found on the cross ...'

This reminds us all of the greatest attribute of God which is his divine mercy. God is ALWAYS there waiting for US as sinners to return to him and start afresh a new life with him.

Think about this.

God loves YOU personally. God's presence is closer to you than your very thoughts are to yourself. God's invitation is always there: 'Repent and turn to me so that I will make of you a new creation; even if you are a big sinner or criminal; even if you are tempted to think that your sins are un-forgiveable.' Turn to God and you will find peace and love for God is our saviour and ONLY God can truly satisfy our spirit and hearts.

Trust in his Divine Mercy and spread his loving providence with all those you live with and meet.

HOW can I be an apostle of God's divine mercy?

1. Spread the word with everyone that God's infinite love and divine mercy are greater than all the sins committed by all the human beings during the history of all human mankind. God never stops loving for God is love.

2. Help others by doing simple and small things with great love such as visiting someone who is sick, encourage and appreciate the positive qualities of other people, smile, etc

3. Do everything with a spirit of lowe towards God and your neighbour.

4. Never leave negative thoughts or other people thoughts intrude in your loving relation between you and God and between you and other people.

5. Pray and pray and pray. Be continuously aware that you are living your life in God's presence.

6. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy as given by Jesus to St. Faustina. Jesus promised a lot of graces bestowed upon those who recite this chaplet and spread the word of his divine mercy.

7. Help and do what is good to your neighbour everyday and everywhere irrespective of what others say about you.

8. Finally but not least, ALWAYS trust in God's divine mercy and be merciful to others.

May God bless you all.

DABE2012-07-06 our problem we lift up to Him for an answered prayer to come within the day. Prayed hard for a miracle and salvation that Jesus will grant us for we repent and want to go back in his arms.. Lord Have Mercy On US. we love you and we're sorry.. Give us another Chance..
ค๓คภ๔ค2011-12-07Thank you Jesus
Donna (FL)2011-10-17great song... Thank you ..I love listening to it it calms my soul knowing He lives in me!
2011-09-29Jesus held me in His arms.
Thanks Peter. Nice background sound of ocean. God bless
Peter-G2011-08-05Thanks Reed indeed whe need the comments...

maria2011-08-01please, sombody tell me where can buy the disc music, I love the song 're beautiful please.
Reed2011-07-14Please everyone share this song with all your friends, The composer(s) need your comment...
2011-06-12l love this song for jesus is the Lord
anna l2011-02-17This song is really awesome! we are not worthy of His love, inspite of our filthyness,he sacrifice His ownlife for us, He loves us so much. God is faithfull and His promises are true. Sometimes we may feel we're all alone but His loving arms is there to carry us... God is great Glory and Honor belongs to Him alone..
Richard2010-11-11so timely, life has always been too busy to everyone. Only Sunday worship service will only remind us that there is a caring God who always wait to be appreciated and praised. Thank you so much for this awesome song of reminiscing, how i wish you have the accompaniment track, I also wanted to share this to my church family. Praying that you do more songs, God bless.