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Bread and Wine

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder

CCLI Number: 3896433

Here is a song for the communion. Larry wrote most of the lyrics (with a little help from me). I wrote most of the music (with a little help from Larry). In keeping with the subject, I tried to make the midi as reverent as possible. - Elton July 26, 2002
Many thanks to Peter Gringhuis for the vocal recording and accompaniment track. For all of you who requested this... sorry it took so long! - Elton June 13, 2012

Larry Holder Music

Peter Gringhuis videos

Recording by Peter Gringhuis

Accompaniment Track


(Verse 1)
We gather now with bread and wine
(We gather now with bread and wine)
You are our Lord, and we are Thine ---.
Remembering Your covenant vow,
(Remembering Your covenant vow)
We gather in Your presence,
We come before You now.

Your body broken on the tree,
The blood You shed to set us free,
Remembering with bread and wine.
(Remembering with bread and wine)
We never will forget the price
You paid to be our Sacrifice.
We gather now with bread and wine,
Bread and wine.

(Verse 2)
We gather now with wine and bread
(We gather now with wine and bread)
In You, O Lord, our souls are fed ---.
We drink the wine that You have poured;
(We drink the wine that You have poured)
We eat the Bread of Life,
The body of our Lord.

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)
Your body broken on the tree,
The blood You shed to set us free,
Remembering with bread and wine.
(Remembering with bread and wine)
We never will forget the price
You paid to be our Sacrifice.
We gather now with bread and wine,
Bread and wine.

Copyright © 2002 Larry Holder and Elton Smith

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This song is absolutely amazing.. I just love it so so much!
Beautifully anionted words, music, and background picture. Wish the words were included along with the music! Is it available with music AND words?
Barbara (hassellbk_AT_embarqmail_DOT_com)
This is fabulous. Started to do Communion Service at church and got to tell you great song. Know there will be positive reactions from the congregation. Not only are the lyrics to the point but the whole song sings to God. Thanks for another song well done.
Shirley Community Profile Link Shirley (steffs2_AT_comcast_DOT_net)
words r good want to hear the song
easter (easterphillips_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I just found this song and am so impressed... I love it... it is truly beautiful and says it all.... I will be playing it at our little church here in British Columbia and teach it to our small parish...
Thank you...God Bless you for this gift....
Margaret Kehler (margie_AT_bluebell_DOT_ca)
I love this music. I put it on many of my picture slide shows. My grandchild also loves it as part of his nap-time music.
Tony in Florissant, MO (lococoa_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
we have sung this song at mass several times..people love it...wonderful spirit-filled lyrics...i, and a guitarist, dave do it' congratulations on a beautiful song j-well written, thank you and God bless you...brian
brian melanson (brian4_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
I have been looking for this type of songs for long time so that we can use in our communion during our worship service here in the middle east. Thanks be to God I found it
tony B.
I wish I could hear the words sung with the music. I wanted to use it as part of a study on communion. I don't sing.
Lynne (Ursery_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net)
Love the song, just discovered the real name. I use it to put my Grandson to sleep. Can I pass this song along to be Played/Sung at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Florissant, MO.?
Tony Lococo (lococoa_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I've sung this beautiful communion piece a number of times in church and find that there is always a new person touched by it. Thank you.
Carla Van Berg (Carla_DOT_VanBerg_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I was having a bad day which was almost the conclusion to a bad event in a period of two years ,and I needed something to cheer me up and came across Larry's songs and this beautiful song hass lifted my spirits. Thank you so much!
Jacqueline Gaines (jcqlgain_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)

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