Dear Jesus, Everything, Amen

Written by Jill Elizabeth Keller
Links to contributors: Steve Israel

Jill Elizabeth Keller wrote this new song and Steve Israel made the recording. November 15, 2021


Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, I’m here to pray.
There’s so much, dear Jesus. So many things.
My thoughts and emotions are
spinning and spinning and spinning.

Yes or no, the highs and lows, wait or should I go
Your Love over fear, my joy and my tears,
the minutes and years
Your blood and Your healing, giving and receiving,
In the morning and the evening
Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, everything, Amen

You teach me to pray, You teach me to live,
You teach me how to forgive.
You save us, dear Jesus, You’ve given everything.
Broken and whole, back and forth,
again and again and again

Hot or cold, young and old,
when I’m scared and when I’m bold
Girls and boys, all the books and toys,
the quiet … and the noise
The tidy, the mess, the work and the rest,
the Love that covers east to west
Dear Jesus, Dear Jesus, everything, Amen

My life is to praise You, I’m dying to meet you,
but for now I believe in You
It’s too long or too soon, dear Jesus,
can I still see the sun or just the moon,
When I say Amen it’s never the end,
I come back to You again and again and again

Its hidden, its showing, In harvest and sowing,
I’m learning I’m knowing
Together, apart, the end or the start,
the womb and the heart
The many the one, Father and Son,
Holy Spirit for everyone
Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, everything,
Jesus, Only Jesus, my Everything. Amen.

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

Copyright ©2021 Jill Elizabeth Keller

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