God Bless the Children

Written by Patsy Stevens
Links to contributors: Patsy Stevens Garden of Praise, Rhesa Siregar, Belén Mariscotti

My mother, Patsy Stevens, was an elementary school teacher and wrote this song 20 years ago. For her 88th birthday I asked Belén to sing the song to Rhesa's accompaniment track and complete the recording. You can also hear the song on Garden of Praise, a site dedicated to children's education, which my mother created. - Elton, August 25, 2022.


God bless the children,
Keep them from harm.
Give your protection
Within your strong arm.
Send your defenders
In their behalf
Let little ones always
Be able to laugh.
May those who care for them
Do so with joy.
The happiest childhood
For each girl and boy.
Our most precious treasure
Deserves all our love.
God bless the children
And watch from above.

(Interlude then repeat song)

God bless the children and watch from above.
Please, God... the children. They need all our love.

Copyright © 2002 by Patsy Stevens

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Elton Smith2022-08-25Happy birthday, Mom. Surprise!