Written by Joy Chastagner and Elton Smith

Joy sent me a poem that contained many of the phrases in this song. I printed it off, but was unable to relate to it easily. Desperately? I hardly ever use that word. But there it was, and it slowly sank in. I tried to reflect the sense of desperation in the music. I also added many of my own words to hers. Thank you Joy for inspiring this second song. - Elton, May 11, 1999


(Piano Introduction)

(Verse 1)
I am failed and imperfect
But when I am touched
By your grace I'm refreshed and revived.
And Your strength and Your comfort
Soon help me to see
That in You I am truly alive.

(Chorus 1)
I am desperately trying to see
All the things that you want me to be.
I am awed by Your presence,
Please hold my hand.
Give me wisdom so I'll understand.

(Verse 2)
Though my heart longs to please You
My pride is so strong,
And I constantly battle with sin.
Oh please help me be humble
And follow along.
May the truth of Your Way slowly win.

(Chorus 2)
I am desperately hoping to find
That Your love is transforming my mind
And the pride that I harbor will fade away.
Oh please dwell in my heart Lord, I pray.

(Verse 3)
In the ocean of blessings You freely provide
I can feel that You're there by my side.
I'm amazed that You love me
Though sometimes I fall.
My Redeemer, I give You my all.

(Chorus 3)
I am desperately seeking Your face,
And I ponder the depths of Your grace,
As the pain and the heartache I have inside
Are washed away with the tide,
Are washed away with the tide.

Copyright © 1999 Joy Chastagner and Elton Smith

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M.George(INDIA)2009-04-29most apt for me and may be for most people.Best lyric
bethan2008-07-31its lovely its so butilful i have just sung this
2008-02-16we really like the melody over all well done
nena2007-08-22its just a little confusing ive havent heard so much defeat in a song since "i'm a'b' " by fiona apple