Dante and Beatrice

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Dante and Beatrice by Henry Holiday. For more information and activities for this painting visit Garden of Praise. Play a jigsaw puzzle of this image

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I also have a tapestry of this painting.
Signed "Dante and Beatrice" on the lower left and Holliday on the right. Signature is woven into the taperstry. Could someone please tell me anything about this issue of the print? Amount of edition and estimate price?
YOSEPHA2013-10-11I too have a Print of this Painting it is done in septa. It's BEAUTIFUL it is signed on the back, on the front it says (Dant'e & Beatrice) On the right it says London England on the right Paris France I want to sell it it was appraised at 6,500 American dollars its in it's Original BEAUTIFUL FRAME :) Please contact me at restore3578@netzero.com
Jeannie Ward2011-05-04I have acquired a tapestry of Dante and Beatrice. Approx 36 x 48. The tapestry is a monochromatic ecru color-No color like in prints. I haven't seen anything like this. Can you tell me more? about this tapestry?
Maura2011-03-08Below are the web sites on the painting. In error, I referred to this image as a tapestry in my previous comment, and it actually is from the oil painting by the Englishman Henry Holiday done in 1883. I have the tapestry based on this painting. Also, the tapestry was more likely done in France not Belgium.
See the following on the original painting:

For more on the Jacquard loom see:
Maura2011-03-08This tapestry was made by a Jacquard tapestry making machine in the early 1900s probably in Belgium and possibly in France. It is based on Henry Holiday's painting (1883) that hangs in the Walker Museum in Liverpool, England. To read more about the painting you can google Henry Holiday or the Walker Museum and to learn more about Jacquard tapestry method google that as well. Recently, June 2010, this tapestry sold at auction for $500.
Lila752010-10-20Bautiful painting.
Can somebody tell me, why I can not see the larger image? It says I don't have permission.
When you click the image or the link to "View larger images", the larger image should display in a separate window. If there is a permission problem, it is in your browser, not the website. - Elton
2010-02-17I also have this print signed in pencil. Dante Beatrice on the left and Holliday on the lower right. If anyone has any information please e-mail me at Dkn3n2@aol.com
Rick2009-11-27I have an oil on canvass of this painting. I took it to have it appraised, but the appraiser could attach no dollar amount to it. He said it was painted some time during the 15th century. It was given to me by my uncle, who served in (and brought it back from) Italy during WWII. The painting is not invery good condition, due to its age, but obviously is the same as the Henry Holiday painting. I would appreciate any information (or speculation) that could be provided.
Joan2009-02-27I also have print by Henry Holiday - Dante and Beatrice. It is signed in pencil "Dante
and Beatrice" on the lower left and Holliday on the right.(Holiday with 2 L's)
If any one has any information, please e-mail me.
Richard Goble2008-12-09I have the above image of Beatrice on a tapesry held on with some kind of staff or rod that has the eternal flame within it along with the Book of Judd inscribed in it It has vibrant color still within it and for the most part been kept hidden from the weathers elements. I have been searching over and over for any information about this such tapestry Value I.e. ANYTHING If someone could possably direct me as to where I could go for this information I thank you. I live in East Lewis County Randle Wa Thank you R.G.
Vijay Saxena2008-04-18Hi, I have a original Oil painting of Dante & Beatrice. The initials on the painting are 'ab'. My grandfather who fought world war 2 in Italy was gifted this painting by a British Army Officer. I am trying to do some research on this painting. Anyone who has knowlwdge about Dante & Beatrice painting - I would request your help. My email is vijay.saxena2_at_gmail.com.
Sam Maturo2007-08-12I recently found a print by Henry Holiday - Dante and
Beatrice. It was published by Reinthal and Newman, NY.
It is quite old and is signed in pencil "Dante and
Beatrice" on the lower left and Holliday on the right
(Holiday with 2 L's?) - no dates. Could you tell me
anything about this particular issue of the print? I
am in Philadelphia, PA, USA and would really
appreciate it.

Thank you,
Sam Maturo