The Infant Samuel

Image by Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Infant Samuel image

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The Infant Samuel By Sir Joshua Reynolds. For more information and activities for this painting visit Garden of Praise. Play a jigsaw puzzle of this image

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Brenda Hitchner2018-11-18I have come upon a old chest w a Samuel praying it looks to be an original it is in a old miniature chest like box. Can not find its worth
LP Moran2017-12-04This is not a girl-This is a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds called THE INFANT SAMUEL done in 1776-Rococo style regligious painting-on display in Musee Fabre, Montpellier,France
shay2016-01-08I knew I seen her before..just had to have her..though I have a print..can't take my eyes off of her....Wish I could pinpoint where I seen this From.
2015-05-17Have had this picture in my bedroom since 1947 it was my grandmothers, it will be passed on when I die
james giachino2012-04-03i also have print of this picture. it"s over a 100 years old it is a #23 print it was given to my mother when she was 20years old by a 94 year old german lady and that was in 1940 she told my mother they brought it back from germany and it had been in her family,for many years, this has to be worth something, it"s a number23 print,
2012-03-15I have a print of this painting that I inherited when I was 19, I am now 57 I have always loved it and keep it in a prominent place in my home.
Asta2011-08-18Hi' i have one oil too it looks like its very old its one oil. Where can i find a place to value the painting?
candi2010-09-04tengo una litografia de esta pintura heredada de mi tia y me ha hecho muy feliz tras un año de colgar la foto saber quien fue su autor estoy abrumada gracias
2010-02-02I have one of these but is not a print or litho. If it is a print it must have been glued on a back and then laquered over with clear. It's very old and cracked like oil would do. Any help?
2010-01-28I am curious. Has anyone found out the value of this and are they rare?
Hilary2009-05-19I have the same as Steve dated 2007-12-15 . printed on the back of the image is the date 1868. We still do not know if it is a print or a lithograph
Krys Gluchowski2009-04-06As far as my search there is no other lithograph of Infant Samuel. This is what I call it a lithograph but, I was told it has brush stokes that was used with lithographs late or early 88th or 19 century.
renae2009-02-19I see other people have asked but I don't see any responses. Is there any value to this painting? I have The Infant Samuel painting and another painting by Eugene Perry and would like to know.
Martha2008-11-11Is there any value to a print from the National Gallery,London? The Perry Pictures Boston Edition No. 866 . From Painting by Reynolds 1723-1792 Copyright 1914 By Eugene R,.Perry Infant Samuel
2007-12-15Steve, said lithograpph in l868 could not be a print.
2007-12-15who can assist me to find the value of said /lithograph. Where do I get such info. Thanks if you can help
2007-10-18I have a lithograph of Infant Samuel in Prayer signed on the bottom ' by Reynolds'
on the back was written dondated (it mentioned a United Church)
Krys2007-10-12I have lithograph signed "By Reynolds)
steve2007-08-28how do you find value of this print the year 0f 1868