You're At Peace In His Love

Written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
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Two ladies in the Dallas area wrote asking for a song. The first one, Carolyn, had a granddaughter, Amy Robinson, who was murdered. The second one, Nancy, has created an organization called Crusade For Compassion to help families deal with these tragedies. This song is dedicated to Amy. Just before we finished this song, a gunman entered a Baptist church in nearby Fort Worth and killed several people. Larry and I extend our sympathies to those families also. - Elton, September 17, 1999

Carolyn has also established a Garden of Angels memorial in memory of Amy and others. - Elton January 2002

Languages for this song:
Chinese, Dutch/Flemish


(Cello Introduction)

(Verse 1)
I recall the day
Jesus called you home,
And He set you free from all the hurt and pain.
Now you live with Him
In joy that never ends,
And one day I know I'll join you there
And see you once again.

Though for now you're gone,
It is just a little while,
Till the Lord gathers all up above.
As I think of you now,
There is comfort and a smile;
You're at peace in His love.

(Verse 2)
When you left that day,
We had to wonder why --
Still so many things we do not understand.
But we trust in God
Who makes our lives complete
And by faith we carry onward,
For our lives are in His hand.

(Repeat Chorus)
Though for now you're gone,
It is just a little while,
Till the Lord gathers all up above.
As I think of you now,
There is comfort and a smile;
You're at peace in His love.

(Verse 3)
With the angels you sing
In your new-found home,
To the One who will dry every tear.
One day we will join
The chorus up above.
We shall all be reunited,
And the night shall disappear!

(Repeat Chorus Two Times)
Though for now you're gone,
It is just a little while,
Till the Lord gathers all up above.
As I think of you now,
There is comfort and a smile;
You're at peace in His love.

You're at peace in His love.

Copyright © 1999 Elton Smith and Larry Holder

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Steve Jasper2017-08-10Larry,
I discovered this song shortly after Elton and you copyrighted it. It touched me deeply when I first heard it and then sang it as a duet at my mother's funeral 11 years ago. I recently shared it with a friend who is planning to use it at his mother's funeral. My deepest thanks to you and to Elton for offering this wonderful gift.
Larry Holder2017-07-20I sang this at my grandmother's service many years ago, and my mom asked for this song to also be sung at graveside for her service which will be at the end of this month. The words continue to ring true after all these years since writing the song with Elton, and I pray it will be a blessing and comfort to many others in the years to come, until we are truly reunited with our loved ones in Heaven.
renae forbes2015-01-23Yes I am at peace in jesus love
sara2013-04-27i luv this song makes me be at peace
Ronnie2013-02-19I just lost my 37 year old daughter. This song was a comfort to me after I lost my sister almost 2 years ago and continues to be one of the supporting songs that I have. Thank you for it.
Lisa, - Kaylyn's "Tante Lisa"2010-05-04I came upon this song shortly after losing our beautiful 12 day old baby niece, Kaylyn Grace. I played and sang this song over and over, with tears in my eyes, sometimes sobbing, as the words were such a comfort, but also a reminder - with Christ we have hope, and our separation is just for a little while.
Thank you.
Goldie2009-08-18July and August are always hard for me since I lost my father and 1 of my older brothers.I found comfort in this song
2009-04-05This song is really good
Mary2009-01-28This such a powerful and beautiful song and so apt for those who lose a loved one. I heard this song at the funeral of a friend we lost to throat cancer and am glad to find this on the net, ever since i keep listening to this song while on the computer. Thank you for putting such beautiful words to tune
Sandy2009-01-06On the 20th yr.remembrance of my son's going home to be with the Lord I sang this at my church.This site is a blessing to me. I have song many of the songs here in solos at my church.
karen2008-06-18i lost my mother last year and this song helps me out alot. i also love the other songs
Rose2008-06-02I lost my younger daughter last Nov. 11, 2006 after a year of fighting a disease. I terribly miss her till now. Thanks for this song.......
Janet Palumbo2008-03-06I want to thankd God for giving such extrodinary strenght to this grasndmother.
Thanks you god, And I will include you in my prayers always. You see i also have a grandchildren and have not experinced her pain; i know it should be something that only god heal ! may God be always with you!
Annemieke2008-03-06I lost my brother last August. After more than 2.5 years of fighting cancer, he died. When looking for something for the funeral we accidently heard the music of this beautiful song. We agreed to use this music for the funeral, even more when we read the words! This song has been and still is a great encouragement for me.
Larry Holder2008-03-06My grandmother died this evening, peacefully and with my mom and others at her side; this song will be sung at her funeral by my mom's request. I am thankful that this song has been a comfort to others, as it now is to me and my family.
Carol2007-12-28I lost my darling fiance in May 2005 and knowing he's gone to be with the Lord eases the pain but this song explains it right good as to what Tom is doing in Heaaven
"D"2007-12-10This year I lost my husband and after a month I lost my one of sisters too. I couldn't bear the pain of loosing them. But this song has made me strong and I know Dear Jesus will ease the pain for me and my children. Thank you .
2007-12-04I Loved this song very much. It really touched my heart as I have already lost my two parents. This song gives me hope.

Thanks alot.

God bless.
Yung2007-11-27I lost my father last year suddenly and I asked God many times why. For a long time, I felt really lost, but this song has really given me hope again. True, I still don't know why my father died suddenly, but I know that I will see him again and that is a sure thing. Thank you for sharing this song with us, you have blessed me so much.
erina2007-10-24I heard this song for the first time around 2004.I immediately fall in love with it.Forst time i heard it, i cry a lot.It really touch my heart,i remember many people who i love and not around me anymore.
2007-08-25i lost my husband about 2 years ago.this song got me thinking about him.and just how much better he is off.i know one day i will be with him again.but just waiting to see that day.i still love him so.i miss him every day.i know that when i die he will be waiting on me.
Jan Swearingen2007-07-24I love this song. I had been searching for hours for the perfect song for a friend of mine's daughter's funeral. I knew I had the "right song" when I saw who it was written for - For Amy. My friend's daughter's name is Amy. So a couple of us are going to sing it at her Memorial Service. Thank you so much for making it available. One question: I printed out the sheet music and we seem to have a change of key from Page 1 to Page 2... I was trying to figure out some harmony and am trying to transpose it in my head as I go, and we'll get it, I'm sure, but for future folks, maybe you could check it out and put up the music all in the same key? Thank you again for one of the most beautiful, uplifting songs I've ever heard. It will be perfect for my friend - her daughter was only 30.
Larry Whitney2007-07-13I love this song. I lost my wife to brain cancer in 1998 and I've always wanted to sing this in church as a testimony. My problem is that I can't hit some of the high notes. Is there any way to drop down a step or two? I've used this site for years, I think I have most of your CDs. I praise the Lord for your ministry.
God bless
Jack2007-06-07I think that this one of the nicest pieces I have ever heard. I use a lot of your music with a group singing at convelesant homes. I have also recorded this piece i will send it to you if you like; Thank you from a lot of elderly and sick people