Completely Healed

Written by Eve Ray and Jack Toney

This beautiful song is from the Lord and dedicated to my husband Ed Ray: What a valiant soldier you were through the surgery, hospital stays, tests and finally confinement to a hospital bed the last three weeks of your life. You never complained, or questioned, only accepted. You have taught us all how to live and ultimately how to die. The last few minutes on this earth were carried out in the fashion as the last two years....prayerfully and trusting. You believed as I did that our Father was going to heal you, and He has. You're now breathing freely, running and walking through fields of flowers where the sun never sets. - Eve

Eve sent me this wonderful song on a tape and asked it I could make a midi. You can hear Eve singing using the MP3 or WMA file below. This song tells a story of beautiful love and friendship. - Elton, February 6, 2000


(Short Introduction)

(Verse 1)
We travelled down the road that we call life,
We saw the sunshine through the clouds.
Then winter's darkness settled over us,
Bringing days of fear and doubt.
God gave us both the strength to bear it all,
Although the news we heard was bad.
We smelled the flowers each and every day
In the short time that we had.

(Verse 2)
You were a fighter from the very start,
Our faith was strong that you'd be healed.
We didn't want to think we'd ever part,
And so to Heaven we appealed.
I know that Heaven must have heard our cries,
I know the Father heard our pleas.
He chose to heal the ultimate way,
And His healing was complete.

Completely healed,
You're safe in the arms of Jesus,
No more pain, no hurt, no tears, no cares.
Completely healed,
I know you're Home in Heaven.
When life's circle is complete for me,
I'll meet you there.

(Change Key)

(Verse 3)
As you struggled for life's final breath,
Angels hovered 'round your bed.
They seemed to whisper, it's by His Blood you live,
Though to earth you may be dead.
Heaven's waiting now, soon you will arrive,
And when your journey is complete,
I know you'll bow down before Jesus up there,
Shouting victory so sweet.

(Repeat Chorus)
Completely healed,
You're safe in the arms of Jesus,
No more pain, no hurt, no tears, no cares.
Completely healed,
I know you're Home in Heaven.
When life's circle is complete for me,
I'll meet you there.

When life's circle is complete for me,
I'll meet you there,
I'll meet you there.

Copyright © 1996 Eve Ray and Jack Toney

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Jacqueline Spencer2014-05-28I beat fourth stage cancer inin 2009 this song gave me the strength I needed if I die before the rapture I want it played at my funeral thank you
Cathy dailey avant2013-03-14BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!
Eve Ray2013-03-11Thank you Elton for always keeping this song on your site. Geocities closed down and I really haven't done anything with it, but feel the time may be right to try and get "it out there". IN Christ, Eve
Trish2011-10-29Greatest message. Plan to sing this at my sister's funeral on Wednesday. Also will sing it at a memorial service in January for friends that the Lord has called to their healing this year.
Ronald K2011-07-15The words and the tune are so inspiring and brings confort to me nowing that the ultimate healing is in the hands of God Almighty. I lost my love one recently due to undergoing chemotheraphy She could not stand the treatment and Jesus called her home. Now she is save in the arms of Jesus. Thank you. What a confort thro your song.
Timoteo2011-06-30Thank you, Eve Ray. Oh what a voice! What a message.You up lift our souls and heart to the highest with hope, strength and comfort.Thank you for this heavenly grace.
sondia2011-02-12This has got to be the most beautiful heartfelt song ever. We pray for miracle healing and are disappointed that what we feel isn't the answer... when all the time we are getting them answered in the ultimate way.. God's way. Thank God for you and all the song writers that put our thoughts to word and music.
2010-08-06Beautiful, beautiful song...I had never heard it before.
Ruth Moore2009-06-20I first found this song on Songs of Praise, in 2001. It was so helpful to me after my husband died. I keep going back to it now and then and it is still on there. I am so glad. It always makes me fell better. Thank you Eve Ray for your beautiful story and sharing it with us.
lois2009-04-20the song is very beautiful, and very emotional. the tune is just right and i even am crying while writing.may god bless the composer. it is not easy to write a song like thing but it is actually there.
Rosemary Agar2008-06-09My brother worked for flower firms all his life. Died the same way as Ray. He was healed the ultimate way. This song makes it easy for me to accept death. Be blessed.
Rosemary Agar
N.Anil Kumar2008-01-27This is really a heartful song...i thank god for giving such a great song by our brothers god bless you brothers and i pray that god should use both of you well in his activities..
innocent chileshe2007-12-21powerful message and everything in this piece of music God bless you and let him give you more inspiration.
Betty Barlow2007-08-20My grand daughter wanted to sing this song at my husband's Memorial Service but emotionally couldn't so, we had it read and put on the Memorial Cards. Thank you so much for this beautiful song - it helped me begin the journey of life without my husband.
Pastor Dianne Fox2007-04-01I found this song to be very heartfelt and the music was very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.