I Believe

Written by Norma Stephenson
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Here is a beautiful song by Norma Stephenson. - Elton March 24, 2001                       

Languages for this song:
Dutch/Flemish, French



I believe in the old rugged cross,
I believe there my sins were all lost,
I believe Jesus lives,
I believe Jesus died,
I believe that He rose from the dead.
I believe He lives by His Father's side,
and His Spirit lives in me.

I believe from an old rugged cross
Comes a call to every heart
I believe Jesus died
I believe Jesus lives
I believe that He's coming again
I believe He lives by His Father's side
And His Spirit lives in me.

I believe on an old rugged cross
Jesus paid for my sin.

I believe He lives by His Father's side
and His Spirit lives in me.
Yes, His Spirit lives in me.

Copyright © 2000 Norma Stephenson (used by permission)

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2021-03-16This is one of my favorite songs. I LOVE IT!
Mary Beckham2020-05-04This song is so anointed it rested in my spirit when i first heard it and its still my favorite song.
Blessings in Christ Jesus
Mary Beckham
Amani2017-06-07He's Spirit lives in me,
Yes it does...
Donella Agar2016-12-15Beautiful
Renae forbes2016-04-22I love this song it been a nice yes his spirits live in me today
renae forbes2015-01-23I beleive that jesus live.
Liz2013-09-04Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much, I happened to search again for "I believe" Eve Ray's version..thank you, thank you Elton, gives me goose bumps. Many thanks for blessing me Eve.
Liz2013-03-09such anointing in this song, however I heard the female version (not sure about the name) I think that's awesome as well. anybody knows where I can find that version?
Liz, I found the recording by Eve Ray and added it to the page. Thank you for catching this. - Elton
Shony2013-01-14WOW!! Amazing song. Song touches me deep into my heart. Praise God for the recording and the singer.
Jessie Dalaqui2012-04-06This is a very beautiful song. May God bless you as you continue spread the truth of the birth. death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ through your music.
Debbie2012-03-22That songs really very beautiful..Yes,I do believe that true..
Janet2011-11-04Thanks so much for this song, we sing it every Sunday before Worship Service, even the children sing it. What a wonderful song.
pv divya2011-10-03i really love this song it touchs my heart.thank you so much i love you father i feel very happygod bless you to all of you..i pray for you and your family
erry2011-03-16this song is a very good reminder how God endure all the pain just to save us from our sins.HIS love for us is incomparable!
2010-11-11it`s a blessing..
Kelly Khoo2010-11-04What a beautiful beautiful song
Wim2010-05-29What a great song. Thank you so much.
Indira2010-02-16Lovely sone
sharon b.2009-12-12we love this song. my husband sang this in our church one sunday. the song touched our hearts. we have a wonderful Lord and Savior
AAA2009-11-04the song is very beautiful! Thank you!!!
Goldie2009-05-22a great reminder of Christ's sacrifice for us.Thank you Ms Stephenson
Klaus2009-03-25Simply Beautiful !
Sheila2009-03-05I really enjoy this song. Every time I play it it makes me cry. For God so loved this world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever belived in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. He is coming back.
Tom Williams2008-10-30Fabulous song, great orchestration. I will use this in church next week and make it part of my regular song ministry rep.
Nadine Lacroix2008-10-13beautiful song,what more can i say the song said it all.
2008-08-18Before my father passed, we talked about the old rugged cross. I am thankful for our Father. What a beautiful song. God Bless. Janice
neoleen2008-04-07This is so a awesome song. It tuch you. PRIASE GOD. I LOVE YOU FATHER!!!!!!!
nunt2008-03-26Thank you for this very beautiful song... it is so touched...
DG, Halifax, NS2008-03-10O how I believe in that Old Rugged Cross! This song has touched my heart. I can't help but sign it over & over again. To think that God forgave my sins through the cross and now though he died, he lives by his Father's side and someday will call us to be with him in Glory. What a Day that will be. PRAISE GOD!
2008-02-18Not what I was looking for, but one of the most beautiful versions I've found yet
Jeannette Frederick2008-01-29The first time I heard this beautiful song, the Holy Spirit responded by never allowing me to forget it. Today, five years later, as I again listen to the message it thrills me to the core. Thank you again, Norma. I will always remember you and the gift you have given me. May God continue to bless you abundantly.
judy2008-01-28I really love this song!
2008-01-24I love this song
Bobby Raper2007-10-07So true may all who hear and read truly believe.
Sonia Schilingno2007-10-04I just love this beautiful song. It made my Spirit jump for joy! Thank you so much for whomever placed it on this web site.
2007-10-01What a wonderful piece. I was taken by the music and the words on the first time I heard it.
Michael Ezell2007-09-26Two songs from SongsofPraise.com became a major source of encouragment a few years ago when facing major surgery. With the possibility of soon meeting the Lord, this song especially was comforting to me as I sang the words...and listened to Alton's voice. Thank you Norma for sharing the words and music...I know they comforted you....as they contintue to bring hope to the many who listen to "I Believe" even now.
Vanessa2007-09-23What a great song. Thank you so much.
2007-08-21One of the most annointed songs I have heard in a long time.
Thank yu for Touching my spirit.

Pastor Cyril
Henrietta Decruz2007-08-16This song is simple and absolutely beautiful... soulful too!!! Praise the Lord for such good songwriters and composers!!! May the Lord bless you with many more songs like these!
2007-06-17Nice reflective melody
2007-06-14This is an absolutely beautiful song...Lovely lyrics and the music is very soothing...I would have loved to sing it in my language(Russian) in church some time. I would translate it myself but i'm not very good at that kind of stuff. Would it be possible for anyone to translate it for me??
Reba2007-06-13Absolutely beautiful. The songs I've heard so far from this artist have been excellent. Thank you for making it available for us to hear it, and get an idea of the songs, artist, and how they sing. Don't have to be looking over Christian CDs and just wandering how they sound, and not buying because I haven't heard of the artist or his songs. Very moving and he makes it sound like his heart is really into it, and not just for the money. TKS
Frances2007-05-04This is most beautiful words and music I have ever heard. It has really been an inspiration and touched my heart. Keep up you beautiful work for the lord. 5/4/2007
Your friend - Sandra2007-05-03Oh wow! Can a song get any more beautiful than this. The tune and the lyrics is exactly what worship - in - song and praise - from the soul - is all about!
2007-04-07It's a very touching song, especially the music. It really bring me closer to Him. Thanks for such an encouraging song. Keep up the good work that the LORD has begin in you. May He continue to give you strength as you serve Him through music. Glory be unto Him in the highest.
Katherine2007-04-05This song really touched my heart. As much as I believe it made me think about it even harder than I ever have.
Lally2007-03-13This song really touch my heart and soul. Thank you very much for writing this amazing and wonderful song that says everything about our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The lyrics are so touching and biblical. I hope and pray that God will bless you even more and your family and I hope that you will continue to write touching and biblical songs.
Julie2007-03-05Very uplifting! I may translate it into my language.
Cheryl2007-03-03Beautiful song. Could someone translate it into Spanish?
2007-02-23This song is absolutely beautiful. I have never heard it before and just happened to come across your site. The lyrics are wonderful.