Oh What A Wonder

Written by Steve Israel, Larry Holder and Elton Smith
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Here is a new song just in time for Christmas 1998. Steve wrote the melody, and Larry and I added the lyrics. Please visit Larry and Steve's web sites for more great music. - Elton, December 5, 1998.

This song is part of our Christmas play, The Perfect Gift.

Languages for this song:
Italian, Portuguese, Spanish



(Verse 1)
Oh, what a wonder that God has performed,
Yes, and oh, what a wonder we see --
Jesus the Lord, Incarnate Word,
Come to bring to us all liberty!

Oh, what a wonder that God has performed,
Oh, the wondrous grace we have seen --
Counting the cost, loving the lost,
Jesus has come to redeem!

(Verse 2)
There, in a manger, our Eternal Lord,
Coming down from the heavens above --
All you, draw near: God's Son is here!
Come to bring to us mercy and love.

See, in the heavens, the angels rejoice,
For Messiah is now in the land --
Prophets of old long had foretold;
Now, we may, too, understand His plan!


(Verse 3)
Come, bring your own gifts, before Him bow down,
As the Wise Men of old did before.
Bring Him your love; give Him your life;
Lay it all at the feet of the Lord.

And come as the shepherds to gather around,
Sing His praise as we welcome His birth.
Jesus our King, come to redeem,
Bringing hope with His presence on earth.
Yes, Jesus our King, come to redeem,
Bringing hope everlasting to earth!

Copyright © 1998 Steve Israel, Larry Holder and Elton Smith

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Renae forbes2016-02-13Yes i love this song sooooooooooo much really love
robyn2009-11-20love it
denis2009-11-19what a great song love it I would love to use it over christmas period in church.
Mariya2009-04-08I love this song!
Nadine Lacroix2008-10-13love this song.steve israel has a beautiful voice.
2007-12-20What a very beautiful song. And to answer the comment below, i see you have the score available. Thank you so much. Praise God!
Janice2007-11-26A beautiful song, would love to sing it in church but I know our organist would need full score, is it available?