More Than A Child

Written by Larry Holder
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I originally wrote the song in December 1987. I'd been listening to a duet by Ricky Skaggs and James Taylor called "A New Star Shining", and I was inspired soon after to write a song about Jesus' birth in relation to the reason He came. Later, I arranged the flute part so that my daughter could accompany as I played guitar and sang it as part of our church's Christmas music. I put the song online in 1997, and it has been performed as special Christmas music by folks around the world ever since. - Larry

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Languages for this song:
Dutch/Flemish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


(Verse 1)
More than a child born in the hay,
Jesus, my Lord, on that first Christmas day.
More than the son of a carpenter man;
You carried the weight of the world in Your hand.

For You are the Hope of my soul,
All that I see, and all that I know.
In You, there is peace in my life,
For one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
The Light of the world for us all!

(flute solo)

(Verse 2)
More than a star shining that night,
More than the shepherds amazed by the sight,
More than three wise men with riches of gold;
You, the Messiah, the prophets foretold

Would come, bringing newness and life,
Freedom from sin, deliv'rance from strife.
In You, there is peace evermore,
For one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
The Light of the world for us all.

Yes, one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
Redeemer and Lord of us all!

Copyright © 1997 Lawrence Keith Holder

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Mandy2017-11-25Thank you for this beautiful song. Sang it prob a decade back as a child in church and it touched the hearts of so many people. N now my niece will be doing the same. God bless you and ur music.
Charles2015-10-23Your gift to many of those shut in Nursing Homes and rehabilitation facilities in my home town. The words and accompaniments give so much and I thank you for such a blessing you have put to Song.
2014-12-08Lovely song. We will be promoting this on our on air show and advising our listeners where to locate you for purchase and updates
ken2014-01-02I first sang this in the Christmas season of 2007, again in 2008, and recently this year (2013). I rarely receive the comments on other solos as I do this one. God bless.
Krystal2013-12-19I love this song so much! I sang this song with my family at church for a Christmas concert, and it has always been my favorite Christmas Song. I tear up every time I hear it because I love it so much! Thanks for writing it because it allowed me to have one of my favorite family memories!
kevin lidster2012-12-16I would like to say thankyou for this beautiful song. I sang this song at a christmas concert last year with guitar and piano accompanyment with great reviews .
Susan2011-11-17Larry - this is the first time I have heard this song and it really is beautiful and the lyrics speak highly of who our God truly is. May God bless you & your family, thanks for sharing this with us. In His Unmeasurable Grace
Sam Abraham2011-09-15Dear Larry, What a beautiful and meaningful song this is! Certainly you are a blessd person. Through you, many are blessed by this song - I am personally. May God continue to use for His glory and honor. Continue you good work. It is so nice of you to share this song on net at free of cost. I am sure, God will reward you for this gesture of yours.
mark2010-12-26Larry Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us. I sang it today Dec. 26th accomp. by my Donna on the piano. We heard a number of commets on the heartfelt words.
LVRD2010-11-30I think God's inspiration was truly reflected in this song. I am hoping that I can convince my Choir
to use this for Meditation for our Mass on Christmas Eve 2010.
Veronica2010-11-15A wonderful song. Absolutely beautiful.
diana2010-10-31This song was so beautiful, I was searching for music to do a Christmas program for the children at our church this song touch me so much I am doing the program around this song calling the program More Than A Child.Incorparating the song within the program
Carol2010-05-09I love this song. I first heard it with a woman singing it and I fell in love with it. I listen to her on the Library faithfully and learn it. I now sing it or there other different song at one of your four church group function when they ask is there anyone who has anything else they would like to do for the Lord.
2009-12-20Its going to be a beautiful song of all times.... I love this song.... Thank You very much for giving this song to us.... PRAISE THE LORD....
2009-12-06Thank you so much for allowing us to use this song!I love it! It was just what I was looking for! God Bless whoever is responsible!
Susan2009-11-08My favorite! Beautiful! I love my Lord Jesus Christ so much.
2009-10-20Absolutely beautiful music and meaningful heart warming lyric. Can't wait to teach to children Choir at my Church. Continue to proclaim his Majesty and power in music.
claire2009-09-20Thank you so much for this song. I love it. It touched my heart.. God has blessed you.
Mariya2009-04-09I can't believe that there is a song so wonderful! When the music just started, I knew this would be a wonderful song! Will ad to favorites! :)
Clare Maritn xxx2009-03-25This is a beautiful song. Silvia is a very good singer. It makes all know that there is at least one type of miricle in the world. Life. Without life, we would all be nothing. At least when our days are over, we'll all go to heaven and see our brothers and sisters. Before all are born we do not reliase we are in heaven waiting for that special day to come. That is my feeling for this song.
2008-12-29This song is so beautiful. I am older but used to do Choir Work and have not sung in a long time. I found myself spellbound. must have this sheet music to play for myself and to share with my five grandchildren - all musically inclined. I found myself singing in full voice. Praise the Lord.
Mairs2008-12-28Elton - big thanks. Your music is spot on. We sang three this Christmas in south London. God bless your generous ministry .

Love Mary and "Sharp Moves"
Eleanor Naught2008-12-26I came across this song three years ago on your web site and have enjoyed singing along with it... I felt compelled to share this with others and I had that privelege on Christmas eve during our candlelight service... the message is so strong as HE IS SO MUCH MORE... Thank you so much for sharing your God given talents with others.
2008-12-21My daughter sang this song yesterday at one of her dance shows. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.
Marla D.2008-12-14Thank you for this beautiful song. Our church choir sang it for our Christmas vespers program and everyone loved it.
shiny2008-12-03o love this song like anything i was searching for this for quite a long time thax
Dulph Mitchell2008-12-03This music is just breathtaking. You guys are doing a good job. Keep up the good work! Saint Andrew Island, Caribbean
Teresa2008-12-01I absolutely love this song . . . I did it at my church just last night. I love the message that it delivers . . . WOW
2008-11-30good Song
make faster
2008-11-15Thank you for this beautiful song. Our choir is singing it for our Christmas program and they love it.
Rajith R2008-11-12This song is truly heart touching. The author must be inspired by God to write this song and sing.

Please keep up the good work and God may bless you abundantly.
Ayu2007-12-16Beautiful and really meaningful song...
Caroline2007-12-16Truly love this song. Sang it at our Ladies Christmas Dinner - my first solo in public - and everyone commented. Gave the gospel message, to non-church guests, in a beautiful way.
NSW Australia
Carla Van Berg2007-12-12This has become my favorite Christmas song. I've sung it with the beautiful flute accompaniment. Words cannot express how deeply it touches me every time I sing it. Thank you!!!
Debbie Hamilton2007-11-30Peaceful, thought-provoking and worshipful. I love this song. The music is beautiful.
2007-11-27Beautiful song.It has the true meaning of christmas.Thanks
2007-11-26This song and the music are absolutely beautiful...I was looking for something to sing at our Sunday School Class Christmas Party and, this is it!!/Mary
Bella2007-10-25This song is beautiful, absolutely fantastic. Sylvia has such a great voice, just made for singing. You guys have been doing so much with your music. It is being used all over the world in churches. I live in Trinidad, W.I. and we use your music in our Church Choir all the time. Thank you all very much. May God continue to bless all of you in abundance....
Melodie2007-09-07Absolutely fantastic! I love, love, love this song! What deep meaning and terrific music! Thank you!