Create In Me A Clean Heart

(Based on Psalms 51)

Written by Gilberto Barreto
Links to contributors: Gilberto Barreto, Alton Alexander

This wonderful song was written by Gilberto back in 1996. I created the original midi file at that time. In 2003 I added a new midi file by Denis Popopkin of Russia. Thanks Denis! - Elton, February 1, 2003


Make me know you, O Lord
In the depths of my soul.
Purify me and I will be clean.
Wash me whiter than snow.

Create in me a clean heart, O God
And renew your Spirit within me.
Create in me a clean heart, O God
And renew your Spirit within me.

The sacrifices acceptable to you,
O Lord, are a broken spirit.
A broken heart, a contrite heart,
O God, you will not despise.

Create in me a clean heart, O God
And renew your Spirit within me.
Create in me a clean heart, O God
And renew your Spirit within me.

Copyright © 1996 Gilberto Barreto

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Nina2023-08-27Lagunya luar biasa. Sangat memberkati bro. Thanks sudah menuliskan lagu ini. Tuhan Yesus memberkati
Renae forbes2016-01-01Create in me clean heart o lord and renew your spirit within me 2016 new year
renae forbes2015-01-12Yes lord created in me a
Clean heart o Lord and renewed
Spirit within me
Ramil L. Reyes2014-02-19I was so blessed, thank you very much fort this spirit lift up songs. God Bless U always
diya ann varghese2014-02-05IT TOUCHES IN MY HEART.Beautiful,melodeous,song
Diya Ann Varghese2014-02-05GOD has created a clean heart for me
renae2014-01-18dear lord please created a clean heart in me
dear lord.
Paulynekaisha2013-08-03ooh hw lpray 4a cleaner heart
2013-01-17Jesus lives praise God love this one
2013-01-17Create in me a clean heart is refreshing. Glory to God.
Grace2012-07-11Create in me a new Heart ooooh Lord, and do not take ur presence away from me , this song gives me joy everyday and makes me closer to my God.
Alex2012-05-04Beautiful...Touches the core of ones spirit
Glory2012-02-18love the beat awesome!!! ! and may the joy of the lord be with whosover that listen to this song
Timothy Allen2011-12-29Praise the Lord
Abud Koroma2011-10-29GOD Bless you great work, can you do more African praise & worship midi
Rick-632011-10-16Create a pure heart in me. God Bless all of those who search for him. I pray that they will be comforted :)
2011-09-29O lord, create in me a clean $ pure heart
Leah Wanjiku2011-03-10Perfect Prayer for Us ALL, daily challenges change the condition of our hearts, recreation of of clean hearts in US daily. This song helps us seek for that! May God Bless Us, Re-condition our Hearts, and Renew His Spirit within US always! Elton You are such a Blessing and May God strengthen you voice always and Give You a Clean Heart Forever!AMEN!AMEN!AMEN!
Karen2011-02-27Thank you very much for writing this song, recording it and making it available for free! I love this song a lot! The melody is beautiful, and I love Psalms 51, too. It brings me very close to God. I'm using it as a prayer.
Pieter Storm2011-02-16 O my Lord, You have indeed cleaned this heart of mine, and I thank You, Abba Father for renewing Your Holy Spirit in me. This is one of my favourite songs to Communicate with God in everyday and every way. I am from South Africa and we got the same lyrics, but with a African drum beat. Love and Peace in Christ.
Jack2010-12-06This song is so inspiring!
Chenie Rose Glendro2010-11-26I blessed of this song :coz God always renew mind all the timeGod always there for me,,,,,I always thankful GOD for always with me.
Xun2010-11-16I feel thankful for God always being with me. And "creat in me a clean heart".
maria2010-10-05After two years in church i still wasnt commited to god.One sunday they preached on psalm 51 as i sat there and listen i finally felt what it was to fear god. just to think that god has the power th cast us out.
we have to understand the power of god,he,s a loving god an understanding god ,an a forgiving god.That sunday made a complete change in my life the word was powerful but the song hit the spot. Create in me a clean heart.CAST ME NOT AWAY FROM YOR PRESENCE PLEASE DONT TAKE THE SPRIT FROM ME,AND RESTORE THE JOY OF SALVATION ,SO THAT I MAY WORSHIP THEE.
terry2010-10-03Its great.God less you
John Joseph2010-09-25thanks a lot
John Joseph2010-09-25thanks for the instrumental way of prasing me sinking to singing praise
meden olitoquit2010-08-28nice. it lifted my sinking soul
Jonathan2010-08-12Wonderful song! Thank you very much!
Jaya prakash2010-07-29Hi
This is wonderful praise. I ook for songs to teach my little voices choir. may the lord bles you
joy2010-04-13i like this song very much. you have a very good job. will you please translet your song into hindi becouse some indian can't understand english. praise the lord.
grannymimi2010-03-21such a beautiful rendition
Thank you for sharing your special gift with us.
HBBrown2010-03-15We have a ministry at my church called "The Jesus Using Sisters Ministry." The theme for our monthly meeting of March is "Spring Clean Up" with the Biblical verse Psalm 51:10. I was on the Internet and came across this song. It is an inspiration.

Thank you so very, very much.
shierry2010-03-09glory to god, just wanna ask some help... im looking for the chords of this song ( create in me a clean heart) if any body can help me please.. thank you
Cheron2009-12-14Thank you for composing a song based on Psalm 51:10 as this is my favourite text I was re-baptised on Sabbath and this text was read for me,and today I find this wonderful song. I will be learning it and hopefully I will sing it one day in church.
dexter2009-11-15A wonderful hymn/ song
Queen-Anne2009-10-30i was singing this song in the ladies room while at work today and i knew i just needed to googlesearch it to listen to the full thing. i had been having issues of my own which made me unable to commune effectivily with God. What the Holy Spirit ministered to me was this....''i need to have to everyday ask God to give me a heart like His to enable me worship Him....Ps 51: 10-12.
Thank God for a word in due season....
kishore2009-10-25A nice song beautifully sung
2009-10-19a wonderful song.
it enlivens my spirit
Daisy Rotino, Nairobi2009-08-22Amen, this is a wonderful song, it helps me reflect in my self.
2009-08-11This was a different song. The one I know has a verse that says: Cast me not away from thy presence oh Lord and renew a right spirit within me.
I checked CCLI and there are 43 songs with this exact title. That's a lot of songwriters using the same Psalm for inspiration! - Elton
Sabrina2009-08-11Praise to Our Lord Jesus for Adoration and Worshipping Him with all Our Soul and Bodies and mind and Hearts. Amen
Yvette2009-06-24I enjoy the song and your rendition of it. I would have liked to hear the melody line that matches the score you can print out and I would like to hear it in Russian so that I may participate with the worshipers there when I am on mission. Is there anyone who can sing the song in Russian?
woreingam2009-06-02This beautiful and may God bless you abundantly.
2009-05-29Hi, my name is Geoff and I live in Australia and I really like Create in me a clean heart. I am intending to sing for special music, some time in the future, if that is okay with the person, who recoreded and sang this meaningful song. Thank you very much for allowing me to hear and enjoy it...
bethan2009-05-09thiss is lovly this tells you u the story about doing something wrong or starting a new life
Jacqueline Rosado2009-04-18God bless your talents. It is exactly I what I needed to hear. Continue with these beautiful blessings.
mary gatwiri2009-03-22what a wonderful song. i love it a nd it really touches my heart everytime i listen to it. may the almighty God create a clean heart in me and may his name be glorified forever.
2009-03-21This is one of the most soul touching songs i have ever listened to. I believe God will give me a new heart. Lord may I live this song in Jesus name.
jyjah9222009-02-24i love this song..
Leila Copo2009-01-22This song helpep me to get closer to God, it really feels like you are in the heavens with him who's the most high. So Hope you listen to it every second of your life that pass by. I became a christian in 008 just by listening and paying keen attention to these words. They are really encouraging.
MICHELE2008-12-10I love christain songs I'M ALWAYS LOOKING AND LISTENING TO SONGS TO TEACH MY GRANDSON. THIS IS ONE HE WILL LEARN. thanks to our god above for loving us.
2008-12-03I was blessed w/ this song...
simply superb,thanks. iffy
chinasa okoroafor2008-11-19yes this song is good it really blessed me
tammy slayton2008-10-16I'm in the choir too.everything evryone says about this song is true.
bethan2008-09-05i love it just love it
lucky2008-08-16Thanks for this song because it always helps me to keep my heart pure and clean from any evil act.
jerick2008-07-28..better hearing this song...i'll come to visit here next time....
Edith2008-07-24This song truly speaks to my heart. This is my first time hearing it. I love it. I have been blessed this morning by this song. I will pass it along to my friends and family.
Vera2008-07-24I really love this song ! But there is also a spanish version, crea en mi oh dios un corazon limpio. Does anybody knows who the spanish version sings ????
HRB2008-07-19Hi! I am really blessed by this song.It really uplifts my spirit and reminds me that God forever faithful...waiting for us to come back..bend our knees He is always listening to our hearts cries...God will never leave us nor forsake us.
sylvia mathew2008-07-02hi, this song is awesome really it reay helps u out to get out from the trap of satan n comit ourselves to god
Taryn (10)2008-06-22I love this song! I just got back from a church camp, and we sang this song!
melanie, philippines2008-05-30i got so inlove with the song, i just wanna play it over and over awesome! this song is really blessed, i like the melody, everything! Praise Jesus for this song!
Donato J. Generato, Jr.2008-04-23Very Heart-warming! Thanks a million for the tremendous job done! I am leading a singing group in oursmall church in Southern part of the Philippines. Can you please help me secure music for your songs? May God richly bless your ministry in songs.
stacey burton2008-04-23Awesome! This lines right up with the Prayer I pray on a daily basis which is "Lord, mold me and shape me and give me wisdom and knowledge as to your perfect will for my life.
2008-04-15This is a wonderful song - a request to God for a clean heart! Only God can do such a thing.
FAITH HEAVEN2008-04-08What an inspiring and convincing song! A good melody to hear and sing...especially in adoration with the ALMIGHTY. PRAISE BE TO GOD and THANKS TO THE WRITER!!!
FAITH HEAVEN2008-04-07What a beautiful and inspiring song! it is so convincing, especilly in adoration to the Almighty. A good melody to hear and sing, for those who wanted to be purified in spirit everyday. PRAISE BE TO GOD and THANKS TO THE WRITER!!!
2008-03-28This is my song to God each day. Simply fufilled when I listen truly inspirational.
God bless you
Esther2008-03-20This song is so good that i can make a song like that even if im just 10
Delton G.Fray2008-03-05Thank you Mr.Gilberto Barreto for this song It is a song that rings true to my soul because I have gone astray and tried to come back to the lord but it is so difficult I need him to "create in me a new heart" and renew in me a right spirit. Please pray for me; and I for you.
God Bless
Hossea Bless J.2008-03-01this song is a big help to those who wanted to be purified in spirit bec. the message is really encouraging and inspiring.
2008-01-31I love this song it is very inspiring to me.I song it at my church.
reysheyl2008-01-21i like the intro of the's very peacefully.
mildred2008-01-12very inspirational and touching this song has really touched my heart and i do listen to it many times a day
Filip Brunner2008-01-11I love the song and the psalm, they should be the prayer of every Cristian. If it was, I am sure that revival would come.Thank you.FB
iyah2008-01-10This is very soothing to the soul. I was looking for some songs to help me feel at peace in the center of my stressful job and I thank the LORD for He has worked through you to give people like me a good start in my everday work just by listening to this kind of songs. God Bless you!
Susie2008-01-05Wow! What a great song! I felt like I was in Heaven! I even shared the fact that I heard this song with my husband Mario, and our tenant Alex, and John, who is temporarily staying with us. But, he moves out on Monday when Mike Dye moves in. Allelujah1 Yes, it's a great song. Thank you!
Tony Silva2008-01-03Psalm 5110 is a life changing verse for me and I hold onto the promese and prayer of it almost everyday. Thank you
2007-12-28This song was sung at my Baptism. A very meaningful song, with beautiful lyrics. Thank you Uncle for singing this song at my baptism!
Nebyou Yonas2007-12-22When the Spirit of God left King Saul, He lost everything.This song makes me to think about King David agony who had a good example of a man who lost the Spirit of God.A prayer song of a man of God. God bless you
Will Cooper2007-12-12This song has really touched me now as the tears let loose. You see I am probably feeling somewhat as David did (I really need to read about the whole story, I am trying to deal with the sin of my adultery. I really need to thank God that my wife will still talk to me. I know this would contact would not remain if we did not have at least some beliefs. This could be a long story so just to say thanks for this site.
2007-10-03Love this song so much.. a trully beautiful song and cry of my heart, Thanks God for these people!!! Yuni Gabriel
m prabhakar2007-10-01it's great worshipping song forever
elmer biteng2007-09-22thanks a lot brother gilberto for this very nice psalms arrangement.God bless all the brethren through hearing this wonderful music
2007-09-21As it is out of the heart that the things which destroy us come, it's wonderful to know God hears us and creates in us a clean heart. Love this song! Love the One who changes me from the inside - out!
2007-09-17To GOD be the GLORY! Thank you so much for the unending effort of touching the lives of many christians in the world. GOD BLESS YOU and more power!
john wilkinson2007-09-14I sits at work and really enjoy these worship songs,what a relief
Ann2007-09-05I have listened to this song for years when it was first a midi and the music has never failed to comfort me in my cry to Father. I thank you for continually providing songs free as a gift for people to look to the Bible for the verses used and become acquainted with the Living Father, His Son, and The Holy Spirit. When I had no church to fellowship in I could come to your website and listen to music and read how the songs came about to praise and glorify our Heavenly Father
GenesisRevelation2007-08-26wow this so great!,praise God for these people who let compose a great worship song!
GenesisRevelation2007-08-26wow this so great!,praise God for these people who let compose a great worship song!
chris2007-07-24the songs on this site are so soothing & they can't come at a better time. Am currently facing challenges - i don't know how to put it but these songs releases God's peace, something that has been eluding me for too long. Thank u so much for your efforts - it will touch many lives & bring people to the Lord.
Desrene Dacres2007-07-19Pleasent melody. Would like to play this at my church.
gong2007-07-07wow. great music! it really helps me at this time. :) thanks!
2007-07-04great song! love the melody!
Ben2007-06-30Thanks for the wonderful soothing music. I am sure it will touch the hearts of many to Create in us a clean heart, O'God.
Josie Agustin2007-06-07It is a beautiful song-notes and lyrics. May we use this song in our mass and to our community? It is inspirational. Thank you.
May I asked another favor, if possible to put a guitar chords in this song. Thank you. God bless you and your family, this website and all the people involve in this website. You inspire people around the globe. A millions thanks to you all!
2007-05-22my life was full of drugs and alcohol,every thing else that came with sin,including living in common-law for 13 yrs,tried to refine myself with counsellings, anger management..etc. my heart was a heap of dung hill! when I invited him to come in to my heart over a yr ago, He came in an open display of HIMSELF! every sin had to vacate from my heart. A pure Heart will see God! Matthew 5:8. It's a beautiful song!
Saul Mamakeesick2007-05-22My life was full of alcohol and drugs, every sin thing that came with it, and lived in common-law for 13yrs,tried to refine myself went for counsellings, anger management...etc.
My heart was a heap of dung hill, the stench of my heart affected people around me,over a year ago one morning 4:30am, I heard His voice
saying; "On a dunghill I will make my house" that morning I saw the condition of my heart it was a horrible sight! I fell on my knees and said' if you want this heart you can have it.Jesus came with an open display of Himself,every filth,every sin vacated,when He is Lord, Holiness and Righteousness becomes part of you,I love Him with all heart. Matt.5:8 "Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God". I Love the song! God Bless everyone of you,I'll see you soon!!!....with our first love.
2007-05-08A truly beautiful song with great music that I have introduced to my homechurch and we all love it. Thanks. Praise and glory be to Him.
Artina2007-05-04An invitation to purity. One of my favorite songs. In difficult times this is the song which comes easly in my mouth and memory.
Paul2007-04-15Cry of my heart!!!!!!!
2007-04-09thank you! this is soooo beautiful & spoke the cry of my heart today.
2007-03-27this is an amazing song and it's soo inspiring... excellent job
2007-02-15The music and words to this song is so beautiful.Nothing can compare.
Thank you.
2007-02-07This is a beautiful song. It encourages me to worship and praise our Lord Jesus Christ.