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He Brings The Sunshine

By Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel

CCLI Number: 2445218

Finally all three of us got together and wrote a song. I wrote the basic melody and the lyrics for the first verse and part of the chorus. Next Larry added the lyrics for second verse and changes to some of my lyrics. Steve added the bridge (both music and lyrics). - Elton, February 28, 1998.

Many thanks to Larry for creating several additional music scores. - Elton, April 22, 2000.

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(Verse One)
He brings the sunshine, He brings the rain.
He brings the joy and inspiration
that renews my heart again.
He is my Savior, my Lord and King;
His gentle voice of wisdom stirs my heart to sing...

(Chorus One)
Sing hallelujah, O praise His name:
The King of glory on His throne forever reigns!
Our great Redeemer, our Jubilee:
Our Lord and Savior paid the price to set us free!

(Verse Two)
He is my Savior, He is my Friend.
He is the Giver of all life,
And by His grace I live again.
Throughout my lifetime, for all my days,
I cannot help but sing this song of endless praise...

(Chorus One again)
Sing hallelujah, O praise His name:
The King of glory on His throne forever reigns!
Our great Redeemer, our Jubilee:
Our Lord and Savior paid the price to set us free!

And though the darkness grows around us every day,
It never shall put out the Light.
We are His temple and His Spirit lives in us,
And we are righteous in His sight.

(Verse Three)
So bring the sunshine, and bring the rain.
Bring us the joy and inspiration
that renews our hearts again.
O blessed Savior, our Lord and King;
Your gentle voice of wisdom stirs our hearts to sing...

(Chorus Two)
Sing hallelujah, we praise Your name.
As King of glory, in our hearts forever reign!
Our great Redeemer, our Jubilee:
O Lamb of God, You gave Your all to set us free!

Sing hallelujah, we praise Your name.
As King of glory, in our hearts forever reign!
Our great Redeemer, our Jubilee:
O Lamb of God, You gave Your all to set us free!

O Lamb of God, You gave Your all to set us free!

Copyright ©1998 by Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel

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I first heard this song at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship. (There's a Chinese version too!) Whenever I've led it, I do it at Larry's tempo because the instruction at the top is "Joyfully Jewish"! The King of glory does forever reign, Amen!
Ken, thank you for the tip. I have added the Chinese music score. - Elton
I feel like dancing when I worship with this song.
I love this song very much it a nice song .
Renae forbes (RenaeForbes34_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Oh lamb of god you gave us all to set us free
Renae forbes (Renaeforbes24_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
We sing hallelujah we praise your
Name king.
renae forbes (renae forbes 78_AT_gmail_DOT_ com)
I thought it was just a common song, but after listening to it and following the lyrics I have realised its a great blessing to me
Be blessed for this present
amani (amoneyazan _AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Wow this is very very wonderful song in Melody and words involved
Gerard (nyamata_AT_khi_DOT_ac_DOT_rw)
I believe it is a great song, and I love to sing it for the Congregation from time to time. Much an inspiration.
Mike A
I'm a little in getting into praise songs but when I heard this song I quickly got moved and would like to get other songs you may recommend in the same tempo. My singing is usually in a slower tempo and would like to expand to a faster beat.
Jesus J Sanchez (sanchezjj_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net)

YES! i really love this song. Thank you to all of you... God bless.
merl (garcia_merlissa_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The more we listen to this song the more we like it.
This song is a real blessing to us in these times.
Great is our Redeemer!
Väga hea ja meeldiv.
Joosep (joosep_DOT_frantz_DOT_001_AT_mail_DOT_ee)
I first heard your song 8 or 10 years ago when I had my first computer. I never forgot this song and tried to find it. I heard of a new site today called 'Cloud Eight'. I stumbled upon your song and was so happy to find it again ! Love this song!
Joan Community Profile Link Joan
That song was so great. i wish i could sing like that!
What an amazing song! I it
Very nice song
great song simple but inspirational thanks MR.ELTON
my group turned this lovely tune into jazz.... will try to record it and send it to you guys... brilliant tune
Genie (genie_in_the_lamp_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
I like this song so much I made a ringtone from the chorus of this song. If you like I can send it to you so you can post it on this site.
good and inspiring lyrics and tunes of praise.
Vidya Sagar, Hyderabad (neosagar_AT_rediffmail_DOT_com)
I direct a girl's German choral group in Leavenworth Washington, and have been prayerfully looking and searching for German praise music that the children could sing to the visitors that come to Leavenworth. We have well over a million visitors and it is wonderful opportunity for the children here to evangelize and share their faith. The music that they sing is translated if it is sung in German. Leavenworth is a Bavarian town set in the Eastern Cascades and I am the director of the group. Thank you, I love the song
Glenn Holmes (das_bergblick_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
This is the first time I've listened to this song in quite a while.It has been one of my favorites.My wife was the one who found you on her computer a couple years ago and we adopted it.She has gone Home to be with The Lord,but I believe she still listens to it.
God bless.
Don McCoy (harrydmccoy_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Great song! I keep on playng it. The words and the music match so well. Thanks again!
Bill Alston
The realities in this sites teachings of the Lord and life through music are amazing. As usual "He Brings The Sunshine" is beautiful! Thank You once again!
P. J.
Have just been given this song to play at our service on 22/7/07. I have been moved by the words, they are really an inspiration and show us just how great our God is and what He has done for us through Y'shua/Jesus. Thank you guys, Elton, Larry and Steve.
Ken (UK) (ken161144_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
This song is really great. When I listen to it my heart fills with happiness and I sing along joyfully. This song is totally awesome!
Your song fills me with His love, peace and joy. It lifts me out of my daily struggles. I listen to it everyday. Thank you so much for sharing.
Sandi (sjcJoy_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The melody and words really bring out the title of the song: He brings the shushine
Earl Clements (joshce1_AT_juno_DOT_com)

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