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Revival Ensemble of 5, 1-Act Plays & Music

By Dan Zigler and Elton Smith


The following play is an ensemble of five (5), 1-Act dramas, with music and sermons. It has been assembled to present a complete series, over 5 nights or a series of Sunday mornings, for a Revival or Evangelistic theme or services. The drama is a continuing story from night to night about the lives of 4 central characters, with total parts for 6 people and some walk-ons. Although the settings change from one Act to the next, there are no scene changes during each Act. This should make it fairly simple to stage. A simple set is highly recommended with general lighting throughout the ensemble of Acts.


This play is dedicated to Kesha. Please pray that God will help her escape from the cocoon and fly.


Each Act and sermon has a specific objective which builds towards the last Act. Those objectives are important towards building to this conclusion and ultimate goal. Here are listed those objectives......

Act 1 To teach the importance of preaching, teaching and reaching others with Christ and His salvation, regardless of how unimportant or useless the effort might seem.

Act 2 To know and demonstrate how we can lead people to know Jesus Christ and claim His salvation. Know the Road to salvation, change our attitudes and demonstrate our love through our actions.

Act 3 As believers, we must not allow ourselves to become discouraged in our ministries, but strive to please God with ourselves as we grow more Christ-like and transform into God's perfection.

Act 4 To grow in our faith, to trust that God is in control of our lives and we have the power of Jesus within us to protect and guide our children, families, church body and unbelievers.

Act 5 To put our faith into practice and to be burdened for the lost in our prayers and thoughts.


Please note that this word "goal" is singular. There is only one goal in this play -- that is Jesus. In everything we've done, in everything that's presented -- Jesus is the goal. That should be your goal as well. As a Christian playwright, I often discourage drama teams from taking curtain calls. For me this has always distracted from the message -- and seems to subtract from the glory that belongs to God. A printed thank you in the bulletin, or verbal thank you from the pulpit should suffice -- but saving someone’s soul should be the reward you treasure. Make Jesus the goal.


Here is a brief description of each character and their personality. As you read the play, you will see these characters come to life and reveal their nature to you. If you are cast as one of these characters, try to think of someone you know that has these personality traits, it will help for you to bring the character to lives with a living personality.

Rev. James Rolland: A mature man between 60-70 years of age. Dedicated, hard-working and passionate man of God, Reverend Rolland has dedicated his life in servanthood to Jesus and his church. With the infinite grace and mercy of Christ within him, he abounds with love in every word he speaks. The strength of his character, the boldness of his Spirit is always evident.

Pastor Jacob Thomas: Very young between 22-25 years of age. Wet behind the ears, fresh out of seminary, Pastor Thomas has a lot of maturing to do, but is eager and willing to learn. This character ages over the course of the play that spans about 6-10 years. In the last Act, Pastor Thomas should be visibly older with graying temples and begin to assume the same maturity as his mentor, Reverend Rolland.

Wilma Weatherly: She's a hard lady to know and has a front to her character that is well-guarded by a tough sometimes harsh personality. But Wilma is a saint inside, trying to tear down the walls that she's built to protect herself. In the beginning of the play, she's harsh but is transformed into a loving grandma in Act 2.

Juanitta: Prostitute, drug-user, streetwise, she is one lost soul! She does, however, make the greatest transformation of any character in the play. She will change from a lewd, flamboyant dresser somewhat obnoxious person into a sophisticated, well-groomed and mannered lady. The play is centered around her life, her child and the believers she meets along the way.

Isabel: The love of her mother's life, Isabel, is both a burden and a blessing to Juanitta. Isabel is a sweet, loving, innocent child. Very attached to her mother, Isabel is shy and demure. From her first appearance as a infant in Act 1, she will be 5-7 years old in Act 4.

Stella Hancock: Stella is the surprise character of the play. She first appears in Act 1 as a drunken bag lady, and finally in Act 5 as a new believer seeking salvation. Stella would be approximately 55- 60 years of age, weathered looking, a well-used & abused person. She's had a tough life.

walk-ons: In Act 5, there is a memorial funeral service for Rev. Rolland. These walk-ons, simple go through a short greeting line to shake Pastor Thomas's hand. They have no lines to say.

Scene Settings

Without much elaboration, two flats are needed. The outside of the flats will be decorated like buildings. One as a church the other as an old, abandoned bakery or storefront. The inside of the flats should be painted black. All the scenes have been designed to provide simple staging. With some simple decorating, or hanging of curtains or pictures, the insides of the flats can be easily changed to match the scene. There are no elaborate lighting schemes, except that in Act 4, some lightning flashes would enhance the thunderstorm. Remember this is an inner city mission church, so second hand furniture will fit the needs of the scene. Caution should be used not to incorporate elaborate or expensive furnishings.

Act 1 - A view from the street of the church building and bakery.

Act 2 - The Pastor's study.

Act 3 - Inside the Church Sanctuary

Act 4 - Isabel's bedroom

Act 5 - The Church Foyer for Rev. Rolland memorial service.

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