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Date Added Song
2024-03-12 Weary World   Image  
2023-05-28 Sunrise   YouTube     Image  
2023-02-20 Send Your Spirit Down
2023-02-07 A King at the Door   YouTube  
2023-01-18 All I Long For   YouTube     Image  
2022-12-30 Your Spirit Soars Around Me Like A Song   YouTube  
2022-09-28 You Are Our God
2022-08-25 God Bless the Children   YouTube     Image  
2022-06-06 By These Things   Image  
2021-11-30 The Stars Are Out Tonight   YouTube     Image  
2021-11-17 Brother Savior Friend
2021-11-15 Dear Jesus, Everything, Amen
2021-11-14 God Who Am I?   YouTube  
2021-11-13 Heroes Left Behind
2021-01-09 Come As You Are   YouTube  
2020-11-10 Tangled Up In The Blues
2020-07-30 On Days Like This
2019-04-21 I Believe In The Greatest Love   YouTube  
2019-04-21 I Will Listen To You   YouTube  
2018-02-27 Still My Heart   YouTube     Image  
2018-01-03 Waves of Sorrow   YouTube  
2017-12-23 The Son of Man   YouTube  
2014-09-26 What You've Done For Me
2014-08-31 Seeking You
2014-04-19 My Jesus I Love Thee   YouTube  
2014-03-15 All My Hope Is Found In You
2014-01-17 At Just The Right Time
2014-01-16 Father Forgive Them
2013-02-02 Because Of Me
2012-12-20 It's Christmas   YouTube  
2012-11-24 Daughter
2012-11-04 More Than Ever Before
2012-09-01 Jesus Lives
2012-06-21 Once Again
2012-05-03 Draw Near
2012-05-02 Teach Me Your Way   YouTube  
2012-04-08 He Is Risen   YouTube  
2012-04-08 San Antonio Christmas
2012-02-20 You Are The One
2012-01-29 I Came To Serve   YouTube  
2011-12-03 Angels Song   YouTube  
2011-11-04 What If Love?
2011-09-17 Realize   YouTube  
2011-07-22 It’s A See You Later
2011-05-29 Your Presence Is All I Need   YouTube  
2011-05-28 A Call To Worship   YouTube  
2011-05-05 Come To Jesus   YouTube  
2011-02-27 Now I Find Your Peace
2011-01-23 The Joy Of Life
2011-01-15 In My Garden   YouTube  
2011-01-02 Delight Yourself In The Lord
2010-12-12 It's Christmas Morn   YouTube  
2010-10-29 To The Cross My Heart Returns   YouTube  
2010-10-24 A Child Is Born   YouTube  
2010-10-24 A Christmas Prayer   YouTube  
2010-10-24 Softly, Sweetly   YouTube  
2010-10-24 That's How You Know It's Christmas   YouTube  
2010-10-09 As Our Hearts To Heaven Cry
2010-09-22 Spirit Of The Living God   YouTube  
2010-07-23 God Is Calling   YouTube  
2010-07-23 He Arose   YouTube  
2010-07-10 Song For Helene   YouTube  
2010-05-27 I Thank You For Your Promises   YouTube  
2010-04-27 Finding Joy
2010-04-02 Jesus You're The One
2010-03-30 You Alone Are Worthy
2010-03-21 Counted As One Who Is Clean
2010-03-21 More Grace
2010-02-28 The Lord's Prayer
2010-02-03 Open Arms
2010-01-29 Father I Love You   YouTube  
2010-01-27 King Of The Universe
2009-11-14 Glorify
2009-10-16 Holy, Humble and Obedient   YouTube  
2009-10-04 You Are The Image   YouTube  
2009-09-12 Lord I Lift Your Name On High   YouTube     Image  
2009-09-03 Gentle Rain   YouTube     Image  
2009-08-01 Your Beauty Amazes Me
2009-06-18 My Cross
2009-06-06 Live For Today
2009-05-05 Joy Is Found In You
2009-03-30 I Gave My Life
2009-02-15 You Love Me Still   YouTube  
2009-01-25 Jesus All My Life I Give To You
2009-01-10 It's From The Lord   YouTube  
2008-11-18 Three In One
2008-10-01 He Is There For You
2008-09-29 Friends In The Lord
2008-08-02 I Just Want To Thank You
2008-07-21 Exalt the Name
2008-06-25 Thank You For Your Grace
2008-06-13 I'll Always Love You
2008-04-11 Open Up My Heart
2008-04-11 The Wonder Of Your Love   Image  
2008-03-08 I Had A Dream   YouTube  
2008-02-06 As We Come Together   YouTube  
2008-01-26 Give Him Your Heart
2008-01-03 Tell Them Of Your Love
2007-12-10 Every Morning When I Wake Up
2007-11-07 Lord When I Hear You
2007-10-17 You Are My Lord
2007-10-12 On This Holy Night
2007-09-22 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made   YouTube  
2007-08-21 Footprints In The Sand   Image  
2007-07-22 In The Silence Of The Night   YouTube  
2007-05-28 Jesus Come
2007-05-08 My Heart Won't Find Rest   YouTube  
2007-03-25 Hallelujah, Christ Has Risen!   YouTube     Image  
2007-02-23 Love Like No Other   YouTube  
2007-02-19 Center of My Heart
2006-12-12 Too Many Regrets
2006-12-07 Don't Give Up On Me
2006-12-02 Fool's Paradise
2006-11-25 It Is Well With My Soul   YouTube     Image  
2006-10-08 Retro Christmas
2006-09-18 Strong Tower
2006-05-29 Jesus Really Loves Me   YouTube  
2006-05-13 I Cry Out To You
2006-05-13 Love Found Me   YouTube     Image  
2006-03-06 A Living Hope   YouTube  
2006-01-17 You Are The Holy One
2005-12-19 Our Savior Has Come   YouTube  
2005-07-01 To The Great I Am   YouTube  
2005-06-16 To You Alone
2005-05-14 Into Your Hands   YouTube     Image  
2005-03-20 Adonai   YouTube     Image  
2004-12-21 Do You Know It's Christmas?   YouTube     Image  
2004-11-17 Sweet Victory
2004-10-14 The Shepherd's Song   Image  
2004-05-20 Adoration   YouTube     Image  
2004-04-03 Your Love Surrounds Me   YouTube     Image  
2004-03-13 I Just Love Worshiping You
2004-03-13 Mercy and Grace
2004-03-13 Your Love   YouTube  
2004-02-20 Together We Praise
2004-02-01 After All   YouTube  
2004-02-01 All Around Your Throne   YouTube  
2004-02-01 Who Is Like You?   YouTube  
2004-02-01 You Are The Lord   YouTube  
2003-12-14 Purified
2003-11-02 You're Always There
2003-10-12 Everything To You   YouTube  
2003-10-09 Long Before You Knew Me   YouTube  
2003-09-23 You're My Water   YouTube  
2003-07-10 Jesus, You Fill My Heart With A Song
2003-06-10 Women of Grace
2003-05-09 There's One Thing   YouTube  
2003-04-15 My One Desire
2003-03-10 Nothing Would Be Without You
2002-11-30 Christ Is Christmas   YouTube  
2002-10-21 Nothing Can Compare
2002-10-12 How Awesome Is This Place
2002-09-17 We're His People
2002-09-11 O Lord My God   YouTube  
2002-09-09 King Of Israel
2002-09-03 Something More
2002-08-24 In Prayer You Lift Me Up O God   YouTube     Image  
2002-07-26 Bread and Wine   Image  
2002-07-05 Oceanfront   YouTube  
2002-07-05 Praise The Name Of Jesus   YouTube  
2002-06-14 Your Love Is Strong
2002-04-20 Calling Us To Believe   YouTube  
2002-04-18 Song of Freedom   YouTube  
2002-04-13 Mystery Of Your Love   YouTube  
2002-04-11 Sweet Lord Jesus
2002-02-10 Jesus Abides
2001-11-24 God Has Touched Me
2001-11-04 You Opened My Eyes
2001-10-13 Your Way
2001-10-07 You Want Me
2001-09-15 Call Upon Me
2001-06-18 Lord Forever In Your Presence
2001-05-29 The Wedding Song   YouTube     Image  
2001-05-24 Weapons of Our Warfare
2001-04-26 Born Again
2001-03-24 I Believe   YouTube  
2001-03-08 O Come And Worship
2001-02-13 Ten Thousand Angels   YouTube     Image  
2001-02-12 A Garden For My King
2000-12-29 Transform Me Now!
2000-10-30 Come Fill My Heart   YouTube     Image  
2000-09-04 Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine   YouTube  
2000-07-31 For The Wonder Of God's Love   YouTube  
2000-07-25 Wisemen Still Seek Him   YouTube     Image  
2000-07-19 Now Arise
2000-06-26 Mary's Song   YouTube     Image  
2000-06-19 Your Love Is Better Than Life
2000-06-01 Even Me
2000-05-30 I Can't Imagine
2000-05-29 God Gave The World   YouTube  
2000-04-17 The Rain Is Falling
2000-03-17 Face To Face
2000-02-27 My Heart Beats At Your Command   YouTube  
2000-02-06 Completely Healed
2000-01-15 I Am The Resurrection
2000-01-08 Praise Adonai
2000-01-08 Secret Lies
2000-01-08 We Are The People Of The Lord
2000-01-01 Beautiful Savior
1999-12-18 You Open Up Your Hand
1999-11-18 Jesus Calls Us
1999-10-22 Who Was Born?
1999-10-14 Birds, Bees, And Pretty Butterflies
1999-10-10 Yes, It's You Lord
1999-10-09 He Shall Be Called   YouTube  
1999-10-08 How Long?   YouTube     Image  
1999-09-17 You're At Peace In His Love   YouTube     Image  
1999-09-08 Sent From The Heart Of God
1999-08-24 Pour Your Spirit Out Upon Me
1999-08-10 Come To The Table
1999-08-08 In The Beginning Was The Word
1999-07-30 As I Gaze At The Stars   YouTube     Image  
1999-06-26 Our God Reigns   YouTube  
1999-06-01 Lover Of My Soul
1999-06-01 Sacred Supper   Image  
1999-06-01 Three Times
1999-05-31 A Beautiful Symphony
1999-05-19 My Soul's Desire
1999-05-11 Desperately
1999-05-11 Share The Love
1999-04-23 In The Pages of the Bible   YouTube     Image  
1999-04-14 I Rejoice In Your Love
1999-04-02 Shout Hosanna
1999-03-26 Grandma You Brought Sunshine To My Life!   YouTube     Image  
1999-03-10 Kingdom Hymn
1999-03-09 The Love Of God
1999-02-20 Jesus Died In My Place
1999-02-06 You're My Strength and My Song
1999-02-03 He's Coming Again
1999-01-19 Looking Through The Eyes of Faith   YouTube  
1999-01-02 How Faithful
1999-01-02 I Will Follow All The Way
1999-01-02 In The Presence Of Your Saints
1998-12-27 God's Love Makes Me New
1998-12-23 Our Song of Victory   YouTube  
1998-12-21 As I Rise To Walk With Him
1998-12-15 Lord You Are
1998-12-15 The Lord Is My Portion
1998-12-11 Is It Any Wonder?
1998-12-05 Oh What A Wonder
1998-11-23 I Am Rejoicing Again
1998-11-18 I Want You To Know About Jesus
1998-11-16 Who Is Like You?
1998-11-14 Standing Firm In The Storm
1998-11-08 Jesus Was Born In My Heart   YouTube  
1998-10-31 Like A Child
1998-10-26 Praise The Lord
1998-10-21 A New Alliance
1998-10-21 Just To Know You More
1998-10-18 How You Should Pray
1998-10-10 Your Amazing Love
1998-10-04 Peace and Prosperity
1998-10-01 Mighty One
1998-09-16 Hear, O Israel
1998-09-05 Free and Slave
1998-08-25 I Lay It Down   Image  
1998-08-19 Jesus Paid The Price
1998-08-09 In All Our Dreams
1998-07-25 Set Me Free!
1998-07-20 I Praise You, My Father
1998-06-17 He Changed Me
1998-06-14 Silently I Stand
1998-05-24 Jesus Is The Light
1998-05-19 I Am Sure
1998-05-12 In The Coming Of Messiah
1998-04-21 Receive Him Today
1998-04-17 When Messiah is Revealed   YouTube  
1998-03-31 Your Love Is Everywhere
1998-03-29 The Good Shepherd
1998-03-28 Your Love For Me   YouTube  
1998-03-19 Reach Out In Love
1998-03-08 Boundless Love
1998-02-28 He Brings The Sunshine   YouTube     Image  
1998-02-17 The Whole World Turns In The Palm Of His Hand
1998-02-10 I Thank You Lord
1998-01-29 As The River Runs
1998-01-17 At Home With Jesus
1998-01-17 Until the Race Is Won
1997-12-31 All Of My Heart   YouTube     Image  
1997-12-27 I'll Turn To You (Choral Version)   Image  
1997-12-22 A Gift For All
1997-12-06 The Ballad of the Cross   YouTube     Image  
1997-11-18 Who Has Believed?
1997-11-15 Behold a Miracle   YouTube  
1997-11-11 I'm Building My House   YouTube  
1997-11-03 I'll Turn To You   Image  
1997-10-21 Brother To Brother
1997-10-16 Sing To The Lord
1997-10-14 The Lord Shall Return To Jerusalem   Image  
1997-10-08 All God's People Rejoice
1997-10-07 Momma Look It's Jesus
1997-10-01 The Promise
1997-09-28 All Praise and Glory To You Lord
1997-09-28 Give Him Your Cares
1997-09-24 Living Waters
1997-09-21 Jesus, You're the Song That I Sing
1997-09-18 Unless The Lord Builds The House
1997-08-10 You Know Me Completely
1997-07-27 There Is Nothing In All Creation   YouTube     Image  
1997-07-11 Splendor and Majesty   YouTube  
1997-06-21 Let God Be Good To You
1997-06-17 Blessed Is The Man
1997-06-05 I Want To Be Like Jesus   YouTube     Image  
1997-06-01 More Than A Child   YouTube  
1997-05-27 Ascribe To The Lord
1997-05-15 The Shelter of Your Wings
1997-05-10 Friendship Jazz
1997-05-01 Let Every Tongue Confess
1997-04-29 I Knew a Friend
1997-04-28 Come Let Us Sing For Joy
1997-04-27 Don't Lose Heart   YouTube  
1997-04-23 Job's Reply To The Lord
1997-03-28 The New Jerusalem   Image  
1997-03-15 Listen To My Cry
1997-02-26 There's a Day That's Coming
1997-01-12 I Will Exalt You
1997-01-01 Christmas Is Your Birthday Lord
1997-01-01 I Can't Live A Day Without You
1996-12-31 Blessed Are Those
1996-12-31 Both Now and Forever More
1996-12-30 Holy
1996-12-17 Let Us Fix Our Eyes On Jesus
1996-12-08 He Rescues and He Saves
1996-12-01 Come To Me
1996-11-30 Then Will I Hear From Heaven
1996-11-20 Bless the Lord, O My Soul
1996-11-13 God Has Said
1996-09-16 Born To Be Our King   YouTube  
1996-09-01 In Your Mountain
1996-09-01 Shout For Joy To The Lord
1996-06-01 Create In Me A Clean Heart   YouTube     Image  
1996-06-01 Jesus Suffered For You
1996-06-01 Love Never Fails
1996-06-01 Sing Joyfully!
1996-06-01 Sing Praise
1996-06-01 The Lord Is My Shepherd
1996-06-01 Those Who Hope in the Lord
1996-04-19 I Love You Jesus!
1996-04-19 Praise the Lord, Give Thanks to the Lord
1996-04-19 You Are Worthy
1996-04-17 Magnify the Lord   YouTube  
1996-04-05 Paul's Prayer
1996-04-01 Because Your Love Is Better Than Life