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I Gave My Life

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I Gave My Life
Dear Elton (this is about much more songs)
the song that you share with us are beautiful,
I play and sing many songs from you.
there are now more songs with no sheet music and chords. is it possible that there more songs with sheet music on the site from you are come?
the newest songs are beautiful and i will learn them and share with my brothers end sisters.
I thank you fore all you do.
greetings Ton.Loevering (the Netherlands)
 Ton (t_DOT_loevering_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
such beautiful words and melody.
touched my heart as a christian.
may you continue to be blessed in faith and continue to be a blessing to others with your music.
I Gave My Life
Love this song with a passion.it blesses my heart every time I hear it.God bless you boys and keep singing to the honour and glory of God.
I Gave My Life
This song is one of my favorites. It really motivates and clears the mind block. Thanks for such a lovely song.
Sony Wilson (sonysheeba_DOT_w_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
It's so meaningful, this shows the true of our Lord God Jesus Christ... He sacrificed himself as a living sacrifice, an atonement of our sins to redeem us. Would also like to thank the C-boys for this song. God bless ya' all!
I Gave My Life
this song is a blessing. thank you
I Gave My Life
wonderful song i love jesus.god bless you.
I Gave My Life
very nice songs
aung (aungyinnyinn_AT_Gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
this song is so nice and the music is so good what a lyrics good job god bless you
shailendra (shailendra1111sharma_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
the song is beautiful, it really reminds uys how jesus sacruifice for us.
I Gave My Life
tonight, i join this site.. when i heard this song, i realized, that i am blessed by the lord jesus... thank you..
 mantaria (manta_rias_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
I Love this song very much....
 Christine (tineflores_AT_yahoo_DOT_com_DOT_ph)
I Gave My Life
I want to be back
I Gave My Life
the endless love...... make me strong....... all song are nice. alleluia....
racquel (racquel_DOT_m_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
it is very touching....and i am blessed by listening to this song nd its lyrics are beautiful...
roger rai (rogerrai_AT_yahoo_DOT_co_DOT_in)
I Gave My Life
yuhhhhhhhh............ i love this song verymuch........ very nice its like giving my life to god our almighty father... keep up the good work alleluyah....... god bless u oll.....
charlyn (charlynllido_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
this the best,.. it's like a green day music, but much much better!!!
Raphael Angelo Bentoy (rangelobenrez_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
WOW! I really felt like it was Jesus Himself speaking to me through this song. Hallelujah! Praise & Thanks be to Jesus! More Power to you Guys, God LOVES you all. Keep it UP ALWAYS! =D
Felipe van Leeuwen (vanleeuwen_felipe_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
Beautiful song and meaning- I hope you have more from the Christian Boys.
I Gave My Life
wow....beutiful song.i like this song....I GAVE MY LIVE....
 SUZILA (suzilakaja91_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
This song is so beauiful and I love it. God bless all of you in years to come.
Patrick Maldives (patrickomow_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
wow!...I really like the song,touches the deepest sense of my emotion...it reminds me a lot..praise GOD!
abet (abet_corteza_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
this is my first time to hear this song & it touched my heart,surely to all of us believers it penetrates deeply within our hearts because we are living in GOD`s words.Praise the LORD
debbie (ivy_gan_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
hi!! im elvin i am 37 yrs old,this song is an encouragement to follow his way's,its a nice song.
elvin leoro (eleoro_AT_yahoo_DOT_com_DOT_ph)
I Gave My Life
Hi my name is Breah I am 10 years old and that was a beautiful song keep the good work up
Breah Lawrence
I Gave My Life
really good stuff. modern and great beat. loved it lots
 Jacqueline (macwijac_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
Well done indeed. Beautiful harmony and words.
Ronald (ron_DOT_slyderink_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
Praise God. This is beautiful.
Mary (ybarram73_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
brooke this is the most bueteiful song i wish u and ur family good luck!!!!!!!! love ur friend, manu
I Gave My Life
please send me chords about this song....i gave my life.
 julius (theblues_27_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
wonderfull song
I Gave My Life
The music is an encouragement an a reminder for us that we have to follow Him daily and we need to be thankful of His death on the cross just for the love he has for us!
Aida (aida_DOT_tangal_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
this is a good
song i like it
ryleigh (babygirl_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
Hi my name is Breah I am 10 years old I your singing it is awsome and so is the music GOD BLESS YOU SEEYA
Breah Lawrence (breah_AT_live_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
this is nice song to me. waiting a another song.
anne (jeanneputong_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
I'm so blessed in this song because of the blending of voices and most of all the lyrics.God used this song to reminds me, IN ORDER TO GO HEAVEN WHEN I DIE, I MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW WHAT HE SAY IN HIS WORD.Please sent me the cords of this song.
May the Lord God Almighty bless and gives you more songs to remind His people and may this song be known through out the world,in Jesus'name.

Frank (vicgayadan_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
request the music score for this song or atleast the chords that are used.
Mike (obryantmikeob1_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
It;s what I needed! Been, having a tough time, and needed some love from the Lord. Thank you!
(Pray for me Please)
J. B, Piatt (piattpiatt_AT_netscape_DOT_com)
I Gave My Life
It is so soothing to listen to. I love gentle music that praises our lord. Great song!
I Gave My Life
really its great thank you i am bless because just we recover we suffer pain my best and only brother inlaw died...God bless
jonalyn (www_DOT_lady_red_1978_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)

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