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The Perfect Gift

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Staging: (Grandma Mary continues with her recollections of her visit to Elizabeth.)

Mary: So after Gabriel visited me and gave me the news that I was with child, I was determined to travel and visit Elizabeth and Zecharias at their home in the countryside.

Caleb: Grandma, what does that mean ... "with child"?

Mary: (smiles and pats Caleb on the head)

Grandchildren: (all laughing and pointing at Caleb)

Esther: Caleb! (giggly) It means she was going to have a baby, silly!

Mary: (pulling Caleb up onto her lap) Yes, Caleb, I was going to have a baby, I was "with child". A very special baby! And the angel Gabriel told me that Elizabeth was going to have a baby too! (stroking Caleb’s hair) And so, I left to see Elizabeth... partly because I curious, and partly because I wanted to know if what Gabriel had said was true. I just needed to know....

Staging: (the spotlight on Mary begins to fade as she continues)

Mary: So I traveled to their home in the countryside... I arrived calling out her name....

Older Mary: Elizabeth... (fading out) Elizabeth....

Young Mary: Elizabeth... Elizabeth... Are you home?

Staging: (the light is now coming up on Elizabeth, with Young Mary calling her name from a distance....)

Staging: Elizabeth is sitting in a rocking chair on the left side of the stage. She is an older woman and her pregnancy is starting to show. She is rocking, smiling and humming "This Baby" to herself. After a few moments, young Mary enters from the right side of the stage. She stops at an imaginary door and looks into the house. Elizabeth gets out of her rocker and goes to Mary.

Elizabeth: (hugs Mary, then steps back to look at her) Mary, what brings you here? Is Joseph all right?

Mary: Yes, Joseph is fine. The question is ‘how are you?’. (reaches down to feel Elizabeth's baby) I had the most amazing visitor… an angel. He told me that both of us are going to have sons! I just had to come see you.

Elizabeth: (she extends her hands to Mary's stomach) It’s true! Praise God! (stops, holds her stomach and winces) Oh my… I need to sit down for a minute. The baby is jumping all around! I think my baby is anxious to meet your baby. (She sits down in her rocker. Mary sits in another rocking chair beside her and holds Elizabeth’s hand) Mary, an angel appeared to Zecharias also a few months ago. Maybe it was the same angel. Anyway, the angel told Zecharias that we were going to have a son… and we’re so old! When Zecharias was a little skeptical the angel took his voice away. It been real quiet around here. (she smiles)

Mary: (giggles) Where is Zecharias?

Elizabeth: Oh, he’s over at the temple. He spends a lot of time there. (pauses) Mary, I know my baby is going to be special, but your baby is going to be wonderful! I haven’t seen any angels, but God has told me in other ways. My son is going to prepare the way, and your son is going to change the world!

Mary: That’s what the angel told me. He said his kingdom would never end. I don’t know if I can handle all this excitement.

Elizabeth: Oh, it will be all right. God is watching over us.

Staging: Mary and Elizabeth sing "For The Wonder Of God's Love" as a duet.

For the wonder of God's love,
For the word sent from above,
Telling of the child I am to bear.
God Himself in human form,
As a humble baby born,
Come to save His people everywhere.

I cry out with joy to God on High:
He has not passed His people by.
This child in me
Holds the keys of eternity!
To His humble servant, grace is shown,
To me His blessing is made known;
Praised be His Name forever!

I was called the barren one;
Now I am to bear a son
Who shall call our people to prepare
For the kingdom now to come,
For the High and Holy One,
As a prophet, mighty to declare.

I cry out with joy to God on High:
He has not passed His servant by.
My shame is gone,
In its place, there is a song!
For He heard my earnest prayer and plea,
The Lord of Life brings joy to me;
Praised be His Name forever!

To the least of all His servants,
God has shown His love and care.
As we follow where He leads us,
In His blessing we will share.

We are vessels of the Master,
We are servants of the King.
We are humbled by the glorious news
The angel came to bring.

Mary and Elizabeth sing together:
For the wonder of God's love,
For the Word sent from above,
Jesus comes, the Way of Life to share.
God Himself in human form,
As a humble baby born,
Come to save His people everywhere.

We cry out in joy to God on high:
He has not passed His people by.
In Him, we’re free,
For He holds eternity.
Though we're nothing special on our own,
His grace and mercy now are shown;
Praised be His Name forever!

Mary: Hallelujah! I just love it out here at your place!

Elizabeth: We’re way out here in the sticks. I have a friend coming in a few months to help with the delivery. Will you stay here with me till they arrive? We would just love to have you.

Both Marys: Oh, thank you!. That would be wonderful!

Staging: The scene fades out on Elizabeth and Young Mary, this happens as both Mary(s) say these lines in unison. The lights come back up on Grandma Mary, Esther, Caleb and the grandchildren.

Mary: So, I stayed with Elizabeth and Zecharius several months. But soon it was time for me to leave and rejoin Joseph.

James: (enters from stage left) Mary... it is good to see you again! And here you are, surrounded by your grandchildren telling stories about Jesus! I should have known! (affectionately kisses Mary on the cheek)

Mary: James! (putting her gentle hand on his cheek) I love it when you come by to visit!

Caleb: Tell me about your donkey ride Grandma! Tell about the donkey, please, Grandma, please!

Mary: I think James should tell you about the donkey, Caesar Augustus and the trip Joseph and I made to Bethlehem!

Staging: Esther moves off the bench to the floor, making room for James to sit..... James reaches down picking up Caleb from Mary's lap, tickles him a little and sits down beside Mary with Caleb on his lap)

James: (addressing Esther) I see you're still waiting for Joshua to come, Esther? (affectionately patting Esther on the head) He'll come soon enough!

Caleb: Oh! please!! .... let's stop talking about Esther and Joshua .... let's talk about that donkey that Grandma rode!

James: (laughs and tickles Caleb) Okay, okay Caleb!

(end of scene)

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