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The Perfect Gift

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James: So it was, that Caesar Augustus issued an order that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. And everyone went to his own town to register, including Joseph & Mary.

Caleb: Is this the part where Grandma got to ride the donkey?

James: Yes, Caleb. Your Grandpa Joseph, took Grandma on a donkey to Bethlehem, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was very heavy with child.

Caleb: ‘Heavy with child?’ What does that mean? The baby was heavy?

James: (smiling and patting Caleb on the head) It was time came for the baby to be born Caleb.

James: They went from one inn to the next looking for a place to stay, but they were all full. Finally, there was only one place left to try. It was a little way out of town. Joseph left Mary at a safe place and went ahead to talk to the innkeeper. He said…

James and Joseph together: Please let us in. We are cold, hungry, and exhausted, and my wife is about to have a baby!

Innkeeper: I just rented the last room, sorry. (turns to go inside)

Joseph: Wait! Don’t you have anything? We have no where left to turn.

Innkeeper: You say your wife is about to have a baby. (crosses his arms) I see no wife! Where is she?

Joseph: I left her sitting by the fire at the last inn. She just had to rest a while. But we can’t stay there… they are full. Where do the Romans think we are supposed to stay?

Innkeeper: (with contempt) Yes, the Romans treat us like children. They say ‘Go here!’, then ‘Go there!… and while you’re at it, pay some more taxes.’ (sighs) I’ll tell you what… you bring your wife here and I’ll let you stay in the stable over there. (he points off in the distance) It’s just a little cave in the hillside with a porch and some mangers, but it’s dry and sheltered from the wind. I’ll even let you have it for half price.

Joseph: Half price, but it’s not even a room!

Innkeeper: Do you want a place to stay?

Joseph: (looks back down the road where Mary is waiting and grimaces, speaking slowly and shaking his head) OK, I’ll take it.

Innkeeper: Good! I’ll put a stove out there and some wood for a little fire. That way your wife will be nice and warm. (smiling) Hope you like goats.

Joseph: Goats? Hmmm. Do they have any milk? (hands the innkeeper a coin)

Innkeeper: Sure, you can milk them if you want. With all these people around, I haven’t had any time.

Joseph: Thank you, friend. (shaking the innkeepers hand vigorously) I’ll go get my wife.

James & Joseph Together: (Joseph calling offstage as he exits, the spotlight fades back to Mary, James and the grandchildren) Mary, good news, I've found a place to stay!! Mary, Mary!

James: For you see Caleb, this was more than a child ..... this was a King that was going to be born.

Staging: Music is cued up for "More Than a Child", which will be sung by James and the grandchildren ....the Angel Choir can join softly in the background during the choruses and final verse as the song reaches its finale.

(long introduction - cello and piano)

(Verse 1)
More than a child born in the hay,
Jesus, my Lord, on that first Christmas day.
More than the son of a carpenter man;
You carried the weight of the world in Your hand.

For You are the Hope of my soul,
All that I see, and all that I know.
In You, there is peace in my life,
For one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
The Light of the world for us all!

(Verse 2)
More than a star shining that night,
More than the shepherd amazed by the sight,
More than three wise men with riches of gold;
You, the Messiah, the prophets foretold

Would come, bringing newness and life,
Freedom from sin, deliv'rance from strife.
In You, there is peace evermore,
For one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
The Light of the world for us all.

Yes, one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
Redeemer and Lord of us all!

(end of scene)

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