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The Perfect Gift

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Staging: As this scene begins, there is a great commotion, clanging of cymbals, trumpets, shouting and cheering)

Joshua: (the Bridgegroom, Joshua enters from stage right) Esther, I'm here! I saw your lamp burning and my Father has sent me to claim my bride! Esther, it is time to leave and be married.

Esther: (surprised and excited) Grandmother! Today is the day!! (Bending down and kissing Mary) Thank you, thank you, Grandmother for everything!

Mary: (gently stroking Esther's cheek) Go child, your husband calls for you!

Esther: (turning to leave with Joshua, then turning back to Mary again) Please put away the lamp for me, I won't be needing that anymore! (blows out the lamp and hands it to Mary)

Staging: The entire cast follows the bride and groom (Esther & Joshua) as they leave the stage, shouting with much fanfare. Caleb lingers behind. This leaves Mary & Caleb alone on the stage. The entire stage should darken with only a spotlight on Mary & Caleb)

Caleb: Grandmother? (he crawls up beside Mary)

Mary: Yes, Caleb? (reaching for the lamp)

Caleb: Will you give me Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh too when I get married?

Mary: (slight chuckle) If you believe in Jesus .... you will have all the treasures in heaven!! Jesus will make you a King and a Priest and give you eternal LIFE!

Caleb: Grandmother?

Mary: Yes, Caleb?

Caleb: Are you putting the lamp away since we don't need it anymore, since nobody is coming and we don't need our lamps to burn?

Mary: (holding the lamp and re-lighting it) No child... there is another for whom we need to keep our lamps burning; (Setting the lamp, now lit, back onto the lamp stand) For He too will come like a thief in the night, to steal away his bride. (Mary looks heavenward) Oh, my dear Jesus, how we wait for your return. You lived, and died, and rose as a gift to the entire world… the perfect gift.

Staging: The lights come up on the angel choir. The entire cast returns and sings "God Gave The World" - Copyright 1994 "The Sunday Songs" (BMI).

(Verse 1)
God gave the world the Word made flesh
The tiny babe the silent creche.
God gave the world on this darkest night
His only Son, His glorious light.

God gave the world
God gave the world
God gave the world
The perfect gift.

(Verse 2)
God gave the world what none could give
His child to die, that we might live
God gave the world when hope was gone
A second chance, a bright new dawn.

(Repeat Chorus)
God gave the world
God gave the world
God gave the world
The perfect gift.

(Verse 3)
God gave the world the perfect gift
This Holy child our souls to lift
It matters not though we may stray
The gift He gives still gives today.

(Repeat Chorus)
God gave the world
God gave the world
God gave the world
The perfect gift.
God gave the world
The perfect gift.

Staging: The lights on the rest of the cast fade away. The scene finishes with Mary sitting in her rocking chair humming "God Gave The World". As the spotlight fades out on Mary, her voice softens and diminishes as she stands and exits, leaving only the burning lamp visible in the darkness.


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