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Resurrection Song

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Stage Note: Once again the drama team is gathered around the table. Looking over papers, songs, CD's and other miscellaneous stuff.

Leader: All right! All right! One last piece of the puzzle .... the finale! (looking down at his notes) What do you think about this idea... (pulls out a CD, hands it to Manager) ... the entire cast, gathered at the seashore, watching Jesus ascend into heaven!

Props: I told you .... NO WATER !!

Leader: (laughing) Okay, okay! No water! (using broad sweeps of his hands) Just imagine this.... all the disciples ... the entire cast.... singing this praise song I've found, while they watch Jesus ascend into heaven!! (begins to pass out scripts)

Peter: (picking up the script) Hey, I know this song already! This is a great song!

Philip: I know it too!

Andrew: So, do I!

Leader: How many of you know this song already? (lifting his hand holding the script) Hold your hand up if you know this song.

All Cast: (the entire cast lifts their hands)

Leader: This is great!! (putting his script down) Peter & John .... you have reading parts, pretty simple .... ad-lib a little if you need to.... (motioning everyone to get up and take positions downstage .... the Leader, Props & Manager move offstage, and sit on the front seats or pew)

Peter & John: (do what appears to be a quick read-through of their reading parts)

All Cast: (Everyone gets up from the table, moves to center stage, about mid-way in a straight line, no one should be on-stage now with the exception of the singing cast)

Stage Notes: When the entire cast is in position, the lights will fade on the Drama Room as the cast moves into position and a spotlight will appear on Peter.

Scrim: A good projection onto the Scrim might be a cloud or a Light Blue color.

Peter: (Using his finger, he points to an imaginary spot above the audience) Look everyone! There's Jesus .... He's rising in the sky ....

Stage Notes: The spotlight broadens now to include John & Peter

John: (Also now pointing) He's ascending!! Now instead of water, it's like He's walking on the clouds!!

All Cast: (low mumbles of excitement, pointing gesturing)

Peter: Jesus is truly the Christ .... the Son of God !!

John: The risen Savior !!

Song: "Praise Adonai"

(Verse 1)

(Peter, moving to the edge of the stage - lifting his hands towards heaven & Jesus Ascending)
We bow in Your presence God shining down from above.
We treasure each moment In the Light.

Stage Note: As the song progresses, the stage lighting should be brighter, the spotlights broaden to include all those singing solos.

(Philip - Moving up next to left Peter)
We bow in Your presence
Show us Your Truth and Your love.
We know You by faith We long for sight,
With arms outstretched now...

(All Disciples - All raising their hands towards heaven)
We lift You up, praise Adonai.
We lift You up, praise Adonai.

(Verse 2)
(Andrew - Moving up next to right of Philip)
We hunger to know You,
Seeking to follow Your heart,
Led by Your Spirit in the Way.
Abundant rejoicing,

(John - Moving up next to right of Peter)
Knowing You'll never depart.
We cry out as one, now,
As we say, Oh, loving Savior...

Stage Note: By now, the entire stage should be flooded with bright .... almost intense blinding light)

(Repeat Chorus)
(All Cast - All lifting their hands towards heaven & Jesus)
We lift You up, praise Adonai.
We lift You up, praise Adonai.

(Mary - Moving up to the left of John)
From the depths of the sea to the mountain tops high,
Lord, we call out Your name.

(Magdalene - Moving up to the right of Andrew)
We look to You at the start of each day,
Your praise and Your glory proclaim. Jesus...

(Repeat Chorus)
(All Women - All step forward, lifting their hands towards heaven)
We lift You up, praise Adonai.
We lift You up, praise Adonai.

(All Cast - All cast move forward, lifting their hands towards heaven)
All praise, honor and glory to You Lord, We lift You up! We lift You up!
All praise, honor and glory to You Lord, We lift You up! We lift You up!
All praise, honor and glory to You Lord, We lift You up! We lift You up!
All praise, honor and glory Lord, We lift You up! We lift You up!

Stage Note: The entire auditorium and stage should be black .... there should be no visible light.


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