And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant

Resurrection Song

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Leader: (As he walks up on stage) Hey, Props .... you want to bring that door out here? (clapping his hands together) Matthew, Philip, and the rest of you guys,....... let's do the scene that we rehearsed yesterday for the Last Supper. (Clapping his hands again) ..... and you other disciples get ready too!

Props: (Bring out the door and placing it at far stage right)

Stage Note: (The lights behind the scrim dim out, as the Leader disappears behind the scrim)

Disciples: (Low talking, as if in character, Jesus and the disciples, named above, move to the far stage left and take their positions)

Scrim: Lighting in front of the scrim comes up. Suggested picture projections onto the scrim might include, a biblical street or marketplace. Suggested floodlamp colored lighting schemes suggested might be pink/blue for a sunset.

Jesus: (surrounded by disciples) We need to prepare for the Passover feast. Go to the man at that house.... (pointing towards the door off in the distance) .... and say "The master's time is at hand". He will prepare His house for our feast tonight.

Philip: (bowing in submission) Yes, Lord.

Thomas: (walking around Philip and moving forwards towards Jesus) But what if He says "NO?"

Jesus: (shaking his head) He won't Thomas. (using his hands to urge them on) Go now. My time is short. (Jesus turns and exits upstage)

Stage Note: Depending on the size of the stage area, we want the disciples to walk some distance, this may involve them walking down from the stage area and then walking back up onto the stage, then walking over towards the door.

Disciples: (they stroll downstage as they walk away from Jesus)

Matthew: (looking over at his friends) What did Jesus mean by that?

Andrews: (lifting his hand, palm up) My time is short?

Philip: (shaking his head) Yeah, what did He mean?

Bartholomew: (Adjusting his robe over his shoulder) I can't figure the Master out sometimes. He's always speaking in words that don't make sense.

Disciples: (They reach their destination and knock on the door)

Room Owner: (Opening the door) Can I help you?

Philip: The Master has need of your house tonight.

Thomas: Yes, He said His "time is at hand".

Room Owner: Well, why didn't you say so. (inviting them in) Come in. I am happy to provide whatever the Master needs.

Stage Note: All the disciples except Philip and Bartholomew enter through the door)

Philip: (turning towards Bartholomew) Go Bartholomew, and tell the Lord that the rest of us will stay awhile to help in the preparations. (exit through the door)

Bartholomew: (turning towards the audience) Okay. See you tonight. (begins to exit across stage left)

Staging Note: (Immediately following the last line, the entire scene goes to blackout, the Room Owner remains standing in front of the door in a "freeze position" possibly seated on a low, small stool or bench, the remaining disciples back of the Scrim will bring the table forward to far stage left, the table should be covered with a off-white table skirt and any chairs used, should be covered with an off-white cloth, large pillows placed in front of the table for the other disciples to sit on and other appropriate items placed on the table and around the room .... the Last Supper is prepared)

Scrim: All lighting fades out. No picture projections are suggested, but Scrim backdrop lighting color schemes might be a subdued yellow or tan.

Jesus: (patting the original disciples on the back) Hello! my friends. Well done! Let's sit and enjoy the feast. (motioning them towards chairs)

Peter: (pointing to a chair at the end of the table) Lord, please sit at the head of the table.

Jesus: (Jesus sits down in front of the table, on a large pillow) No Peter, my seat is the seat of a servant.

Peter: But Lord...

Jesus: Come now, Peter. Sit down and eat.

James: John, I want to sit next to Jesus.

John: You always want to sit there.

Jesus: There's room for all.

Peter: Hey, Andrew. Did you see the fish I caught today?

Andrew: I bet it was 20 feet long.

Peter: Almost, maybe 19 feet. What a fight I had?

Jesus: Oh Peter, You are such a story teller.

Peter: I learned from the best.

Jesus: I tell you this, that tonight I will be betrayed by one of you.

Peter: It can't be.

Jesus: He who dips his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me.

Judas: (As though he didn't hear what Jesus said) What a fantastic meal. This food is delicious. (Judas dips his hand in the dish).

Jesus: (Leaning in towards Judas) Go do what you have to do, my friend.

Peter: Bring on the drinks. Boy do you know how to throw a party. Andrew, did you bring the fish I caught?

Andrew: No.

Peter: Too bad. If you saw my 20 foot fish, you would believe.

Thomas: Yeah, right.

Jesus: Listen closely my friends. This is my last supper with you, for I will not drink of the vine again, until I drink it new in my Father's kingdom.

Peter: This is hard for me to understand.

Jesus: Take eat of this bread. This is my body. (Jesus blesses the bread; breaks it; and passed it to the disciples).

Jesus: Also my friends, I ask that you take this, for this is my blood, and a new promise. For my blood will be shed for many to forgive their sins. (Jesus blesses the wine, and passes the cup to the disciples)

Peter: Eat your body? Drink your blood?

Staging Note: The lights in front of the Scrim now dim, creating the effect that the disciples are shadow silhouettes on the Scrim They should continue to move around, eat the Passover, passing food to one another, etc.. A spotlight now appears on the "Roomkeeper" in front of the door at stage right who will sing "Sacred Supper"

Roomkeeper: It's a shame that the disciples didn't understand what Jesus was doing. But, in time they would understand the full meaning of this holy, sacred supper. (music begins)

Song: "Sacred Supper"

Song: "Sacred Supper" by Roomkeeper (note: it would be appropriate for other singing voices to join in the Chorus of "Sacred Supper", but these singers will not be seen)

(Verse 1)
And He broke the bread of Heaven for the masses.
Then He poured the holy wine out to them all.
And for all who came and ate,
Of the Father's sacred supper,
He gave the life that only Heaven had to give.

Sacred supper means to die to who you are,
And to leave behind the life that you've designed,
To drink His blood, to taste His flesh,
To walk with Him in death,
Then to live the life that only He can give.

(Verse 2)
Yet in brokeness His love found full expression.
And when emptied out His cup was then refilled.
Now He bids for all to come,
And partake His sacred supper,
For in His love He's done what none of us could do.

Sacred supper means to die to who you are,
And to leave behind the life that you've designed,
To drink His blood, to taste His flesh,
To walk with Him in death,
Then to live the life that only He can give.

So trade your broken heart for bread upon His table.
And let Him fill your empty life with His sweet love.
Then take up His invitation,
And partake of His sacred supper,
To gain the life that only death to self can yield.

Sacred supper means to die to who you are,
And to leave behind the life that you've designed,
To drink His blood, to taste His flesh,
To walk with Him in death,
Then to live the life that only He can give.

Sacred supper means to die to who you are,
And to leave behind the life that you've designed,
To drink His blood, to taste His flesh,
To walk with Him in death,
Then to live the life that only He can give.
You will live the life that only He can give.

Stage Note: At the conclusion of "Sacred Supper", the spotlight will fade off of the Roomkeeper and the lights come back up on the Upper Room with the disciples.

Jesus: (Rising from his chair and beckoning the disciples to follow him, Jesus begins to exit) I feel like singing. Let's sing a song of praise to God.

Stage Note: All lighting goes to blackout.


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