And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant

Resurrection Song

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Stage Note: No properties are in place yet, the stage is unchanged from the opening scene.

Peter: Let's see .... (staring up at the Scene's List on the wall) .... Triumphant Entry, huh?

Leader: Any suggestions ..... (straining to see his name tag) ..... Peter?

Peter: (Peter's character is one of unbridled enthusiasm, he is willing to try anyone once, which often gets him into trouble) Yeah, I got a box full of 'em (lifts a box onto the table and passes out party streamer poppers) Party Poppers!! (sets off one of the streamers) I figure it like this boss (speaking to the Leader) ..... if Jesus was going to make a triumphant entry .... we wouldn't greet him with dead branches ..... (making a broad gesture with his arms) ..... we'd have fireworks! (sets off another streamer) But since we can't have fireworks in the sanctuary... (sets off another streamer) ..... how's about Party Poppers??

Leaders: (shaking his head "no" and a long stare)

Peter: No good, huh? (reaching into the box again and passing out party whistles) Okay, if not Party Poppers then, how about Party Whistles? (Blows the party whistle)

Leader: (shaking his head "no" and a long stare)

Peter: Not any good either, huh? (reaches into the box again and pulls out a stilly string canister) How about Silly String then!! (shoots some of it off)

Leader: (with controlled emotion) Okay Peter .... let's give the Triumphant Entry a try. (pointing to the front pew) Only I want you to watch, while we do the scene.... (again with controlled emotion) .... and then Peter, I want you to honestly, truthfully tell me if you think those "things" will work in this scene. Okay? Can you do that for me? (escorts Peter to the pew) Just sit, okay .... just sit! (Leader sits down on the pew, pats the seat next to him for Peter to sit down)

Peter: (sits on the pew)

Leader: (shouting to the cast from his seat) Come on people ... let's do the Triumphant Entry the way we practiced it!

Props: (hands large palm leaves to everyone)

Stage Note: The entire cast, except Judas (who is still wearing headphones, sitting on the barstool and playing his guitar) and Jesus (who will enter from backstage later in the song) comes to the front of the stage to participate in the song.

Scrim: The lights behind the scrim on the Prop Room dim out, and the light in front of the scrim come up. A few suggestions for a rear projection on the scrim.... Palm Trees, a biblical-era City Gate Entrance, or a biblically dressed, celebrating Crowd, or simply a color floodlamp in very, subdued pale green.

Song: "Shout Hosanna"

All Cast:
Shout ho-san-na, Shout ho-san-na!
Shout ho-san-na Shout ho-san-na!

Servant Girl #1
Bles-sed is He who - comes in the name
Sing-ing bles-sed is He who - comes in the name of the Lord

All Cast:
Shout Ho-san-na in the high-est (Bring your prais-es to the Lord)
He is com-ing to re-deem us (By the pow-er of His Word)
Shout ho-san-na as we wel-come the Lord
Shout ho-san-na, Shout ho-san-na!
Shout ho-san-na Shout ho-san-na!

Servant Girl #2
Lift up your voic-es and join in the song
To the One in whose grace we now live and be-long
He is King Shout Ho-san-na in the high-est (Bring your prais-es to the Lord)
He is com-ing to re-deem us (By the pow-er of His Word)

All Cast:
Shout ho-san-na as we wel-come the Lord
Shout ho-san-na Shout ho-san-na!
Shout ho-san-na Shout ho-san-na!

Room owner:
Shout Hosanna, Shout Hosanna!
Shout Hosanna, Shout Hosanna!
Come to the table and sup with the Lord.
With abundant rejoicing we'll drink from His Word.
He is life!

All Cast:
Shout Hosanna in the highest. (Bring your praises to the Lord).
He is coming to redeem us. (By the power of His Word).
Shout Hosanna as we welcome the Lord.
Shout Hosanna!

Servant Girl #1: Look! Look! Here comes the King!

All Cast: Hail the King! Hail the King! Shout Hosanna!!


All Cast: (There is a 1 verse, 1 chorus Reprise that is NOT sung. As the music plays, this time will be used for waving palm leaves, shouting praises to Jesus. The cast will turn, split in the middle, forming a slight V-shape, throwing their palms down on the path and Jesus will walk between them as He enters from backstage towards the downstage)


Stage Note: After the applause has subsided, stage lighting returns to normal and the cast including Jesus all return to the table, maybe some enthusiastic chit-chat, but quietly while Peter and the Leader speak.

Peter: (jumping up from his seat) That was wonderful!! (jumping up onto the stage) So .... what do you think about ....... Confetti Cannons!!

Leader: (getting up from his seat, shaking his head with a slight chuckle) Peter .... I think that's a great idea! (patting Peter on the back as they move to the tables)


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