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Resurrection Song

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Scrim: (House lights go down, lighting from behind the scrim only, illuminating the Drama Room)

Leader: (enters through the auditorium, walking while he speaks) Hey! Is anybody here yet? YOOWOO, your Leader is here!! (puts down his briefcase, spots something on the table and picks it up) Oh, this looks good!...... I wonder who left this here? (sits and begins to read aloud)


I saw the Savior on His knees, the tears so freely flowed,
The thoughts of all He had to do, was seen before it showed.
When all looked calm,
a storm was born,
The ones He picked had slept, The time had come,
It had to be, He looked to those, and wept.

(Props - quietly enters and sits)

The Best is Yet to come for you, Don't look upon the nails,
If not for those that pierced the Son, All hope would surely fail.

I saw the Savior on the tree,
the pain upon His face,
I looked above with folded hands, and saw Amazing Grace.
The spear had pierced the Savior's side,
The end seemed close at hand,
But in three days the final song did play upon the land.

(Manager - quietly enters and sits)

The Best is Yet to Come for you,
The Cross was not the end,
For Jesus died and rose again,
To free your life from sin.

Props: Amen! ..... wow! Are you guys using that?

Manager: Boy! I'll say Amen to that one too .... where'd you get it?

Leader: I don't honestly know ... it was just laying here on the table...... (Looking frustrated) Where are the rest of these people!!

Team: (a small crowd enters and congregates on the stage, sipping cola, chewing gum, slamming books on the table, ribbing each other, one guy takes his guitar, sits on the stool with his headphones on......)

Leader: All right people ... let's settle down!! We've got a lot of work to do tonight. (Passes out papers, the points to the wall) As you all know, we've been given the dubious task of coming up with this years Easter program. (pointing to the poster on the wall) There on the wall, are the scenes that I want to put together for our Easter program. I want to take them in order, .... so no matter how excited you are, no matter how much you're tempted, let's try to stick to that order. (throws some name tags on the table) Now to get you in the mood, I want each of you to pick up a name tag from the table of your favorite Bible character.

Stage Note: The poster on the wall reads as follows:

Team: (each sort through the tags looking for their favorite character)

Leader: (reaching onto the table, picking up the "Jesus" tag and handing it to one of the men) Here! I would like you to be Jesus this year.

Jesus: (reluctantly taking the tag) Are you sure you want me to be Jesus? I'm so unworthy!

Leader: (shaking his head "yes") Oh, I'm sure .... please .... (turning to look at our punk rocker) Okay, Mr. Leather Pants Man .... you too!! (pulling the guitarist to the table)

Guitarist: (reaches down and picks up the only tag left on the table) Well it figures ... I'm Judas again this year! (flexes his biceps with the tattoo) I wanted to be Jesus this year!! (he returns to his stool, headphones and guitar .....)

Leader: (Shaking his head) Okay ..... now that you know your character, Mr. Props here has costumes for you to put on ..... just to get you in the mood, we're going to become our characters this evening ..... who's Peter?

Peter: (Raises his fingers in a boy scout salute) Right here, captain!

Props: (Throws Peter his costume) Here, put this on, Peter!

Peter: (Catches the robe, throws it on, and puts on his name tag) I just feel like I could walk on water!

Manager: Ohhhhhh, No! There's not going to be any water on my stage, Peter!!

Leader: (points to Peter) Tonight, you're known as Peter .... whenever I talk about Peter, I'm talking about you. Got it? In fact, I will call all of you by your character's name tonight. (claps his hands together) Okay, people let's get started!


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