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Ten Thousand Angels

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Ten Thousand Angels
I believe that God give you power to care your problems with your husband and give you His love into your heart... I will pray for you. Holy Spirit give you power, love and joy. Love your husband more than before and You will see, that you will get love back. Believe in it, pray for that! God loves you more than we are able to understand. God bless you!
 Renata from Czech republick (renata_DOT_brazdilova_AT_fnusa_DOT_cz)
Ten Thousand Angels
Am facing a difficult time right now with my husband. Going through this song really touches me,and i know that God touches my heart and he said, "MY CHILD AM WITH YOU ALWAYS"...came to think about it, yeah why should i worry so much when he's right beside me...
Thank you somuch for the lovely lyrics and i love the music...i'll try to learn the song so that i can sing it everyday when am down hearted...this song will help me to breath a new life... (islandbloomer_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
My home was hell because my husband was beating me everyday at home and I was not allowed to have even proper food. I worked in a software company and had to go to work with bruised face sometimes. I was not at all able to focus on my work.I was so numb that I did not have the strength or energy to pray.I worried about my little 2 yr old daughter's future and mine too. I never thought that I will see the next year.I somehow found this song and that was my first thing to do at office -sometime numerous times a day.God spoke to me through this song. This was in 2005.The site didn't have a feature to leave a comment and Now in 2009 I am still alive and God brought me to the US from my country with the band of strong ten thousand angels and God is still in control of the situation like never before.I still go through the same situations but better than before. I am not having bruised faces...I am having excellent food. God has eased my pain.Thank you for being a channel of blessing to me.
Ten Thousand Angels
Wonderful song. From philippines
Ace (mr_DOT_imuan_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
I was trying to find a song that has the words Ten Thousand Angels an old gospel song and this song popped up in my search. I listened to it and to the words and this is by far the most beautiful song I have heard in a very long time. It's amazing how God can deliver something to you at just the right moment. It is the perfect song for my friend at this time. Thank you
Faith Myers (libbydoo_AT_northstate_DOT_net)
Ten Thousand Angels
Absolutely the most beautiful song in the entire world. I love this song more than any other ever. I wish I could download this song on myspace. More people need to hear this song and believe. Thank you Lynn Cooper
Robin Franze (franzerobin)
Ten Thousand Angels
One of the most inspired songs I have ever heard, truly the Lord's work...has helped so many......brilliant
Ten Thousand Angels
My step daughter just lost her baby and I think this song is great. Thank's
Ten Thousand Angels
Thanks to god that I've come accross this beautiful song today. May lord our god bless those who contributed in the construction of this song.
Ten Thousand Angels
this song is very peaceful. the first time my mom and i heared it, we listen to it till the end of the song.

May it inspire more peaple!!
Ten Thousand Angels
this is a very silent song
frghyj (rgjhuil,p)
Ten Thousand Angels
This is a very inspiring song for those who are burdened down and have lost all hope.. this song has been an inspiration to many people in nursing homes and hospitals.. I sang this song at a funeral and again it was an inspiration to those who had lost someone dwear to them... When I first heard this song it ministered to my heart as well and I can't say enough how it gives hope to those that seem to have lost all hope... God Bless the writer of this song and may God use you to write more like it...
Bruce W Watson (ImBrowsin_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
These words in this song said to my heart just what I need to hear. And it easy song to sing along with it's in my heart when things start to get to me I will singing out loud and clear and praise are Father for being so GOOD and willing people to do his work. Thank you so much.
Debra (baileyma9_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
This has to be the most beautiful and inspiring song that I have ever heard.I listen to it often.I would like to have this song played at my funeral in hopes that the loved ones I leave behind will be comforted by this song just as it has comforted me many times.
Ten Thousand Angels
Mike F., was also a husband,father,and a brother and a son-in-law and was an angel to us all, this song will inspire all who hears this beautiful music.
Michael F (Mike1320_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
We have just lost our son in a tragic accident on Jan 9,2008; on Int4. Listening to this song has me thinking he join up with the angels. He was 34
Michael F. (Mike1320_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
hi from all of you from a frined ruttie
ruth patena (baby ruttie_AT_patena)
Ten Thousand Angels
hi all of you god bless you from
ruth patena (baby ruttie)
Ten Thousand Angels
its really touched my the lord will always with us..
sef amoroso (sefamoroso_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
I came across this song not knowing why it was written until I heard the song. I immediately thought of the job hunt (almost a year) that I'm going through. This is such a beautiful song for many different reasons.
Ten Thousand Angels
Hi Lynn,
I used your music (this song) at our son's funeral back in 2000. You spoke at a Women's retreat in Correctionville IA. It was a blessing to meet you. Your music has touched my heart, especially in those "empty" moments in life. But trusting & knowing God provides strength for each day (somedays each hour)is what keeps me going. Your music is an inspiration to me & I know it has blessed several others as well. God Bless you as you continue on your musical journey!
Anita (tapenning_AT_yahoo_DOT_coom)
Ten Thousand Angels
hello. lynn that is loveley song hang in there god.with us all the time keep good comeing.
thank you.greg
gregrunningwolf (gregrunningwolf_AT_embarqmail_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
My husband of over 18 years left just before Thanksgiving. I never saw it coming, and was so devastated that I tried to end my life. God didn't allow the result I was seeking, but rather turned me around, healed me completely, and gave my life back to me. This beautiful song describes exactly what God has done in my life - and reminds me that I am not alone in my pain and sorrow. God sent ten thousand angels :)) What a glorious vision in song!
Joyce (attnjsmith_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
In this parsonage house my father in law went home to heaven.
My wife, his daughter is in much pain and grief. I sent this to her in hopes it eases the pain and dries her tears.
thanks lynn it dried mine, and eased my pain as well.
pastor herb wheelock (pastorherbw_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
when one is down and alone this song is the best socours, it brings us to the realisation of the care and security we have in Christ. God bless you lynn Cooper
cathy wales (temiforever_DOT_ugbede_AT_yahoo_DOT_co_DOT_uk)
Ten Thousand Angels
There are two songs that 'carried' me through a very difficult time in my life. Both songs are located at When faced with the possibility of major surgery and knowing that the doctors had very little hope....I sat at my computer singing this song. Ultimately God performed a wonderful miracle...and as a pastor...I share this song with many who need hope.
Michael Ezell (michaelbcc_AT_msn_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
It's such a beautiful song,it goes straight into your heart!!
Ten Thousand Angels
I have never had a song touch me like this song has done... It is an awesome song that can be sang to people that are in nursing homes and hospitals that may have lost all hope for the future... The words of this song ministers to the hearts of the people... Thank you for sharing this song... May God Bless....
Bruce W Watson (ImBrowsin_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
It really gets to your heart and comforts you and reassures you that God is there.
Ten Thousand Angels
This song was suggested to me by a lady who went by the name of Parmo, when my husband had a heart attack. I have since lost touch with her, but this song always reminds me of her kindness and understanding. I pray that somehow God will let her and I connect again. This song brings so much comfort to me. I absolutely love it. I went by the name Songs for Christ
Charlene (pink61rose_AT_sbcglobal_DOT_net)
Ten Thousand Angels
it is a very beautiful song letting us know that god is there with all his angels to help us over lifes battles and sorrows.
fern sigmon (codyfeatherwings_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
Thank you for sharing this comforting song. It has been a blessing to me while going trough a storm in my life,while my husband suddenly became ill after surgery with a Pulmonary embolism and a clot in his leg. Jesus is our Burden bearer. The words of the song are such a comfort.You are the angel that God has sent for this time. Blessings.
Ten Thousand Angels
This song has helped me through the difficult times when my father was sick and passed away. This song has so much meaning to me. I hope it has someone else at the same time.
Heather (friend_family72000_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
I first heard this song several years ago and I am wondering why I waited so long to try to get it into my church. It is so comforting, and has such a singable tune. My friend and I do a nursing home ministry and I pray we'll get it into our repitoir.
Ten Thousand Angels
Friends of ours are suffering through the unexpected death of their 33 year old son. One of the songs requested for his service is "Ten Thousand Angels". Your words and music are bringing solace and reassurance to these grieving parents. Thank you for sharing your talent and God's love through your music ministry.
Ten Thousand Angels
Thank you so much for putting this on. I down loaded and listen to it lots to comfort myself . God Bless you for being one of His angels and touching many.
Elizabeth (efox553_AT_aol_DOT_com)
Ten Thousand Angels
Awesome. Thank you.
Ten Thousand Angels
Absolutely Beautiful! I downloaded it to my personal PC. May God Bless you,
P. Socoski (mswaroshy_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)

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