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It Is Well With My Soul

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It Is Well With My Soul
It Is Well With My Soul
I went to a funeral somebody was singing that song everyone was overflow with the holy spirit:<IT IS ALWAYS VERY WELL WITH OUR SOUL>
Valencia Leon (valencia-leon_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
Wow! Need I say more. Great job gives a wonderful blessing to anyone who might listen. God bless you.
Major Lorne Hiscock,Pastor (lornehiscock_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
life is veritable..know its beginning and determined of its end. i love the song so reminds me of how powerful and all - knowing GOD we is a game itself. it somehow connotes my feelings that whatver fate we wish to come true..wherever destiny bring us.. 'it is really well with my soul'.

My trust is in You Lord.

in Dubai,

giovanni (giovannimirafuentes_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
hello-my name is judy c. i live in tennessee-i was raised up in church-all my life-i had the best christian parents-as my father was our preacher-the song-it is well with my soul-is one of my many favorite gospel songs-but after i heard the story-about this song-to me it has so much more meaning-thanks so much. judy ~
judy (jcondra92_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
This song will be more touching if we understand why the author wrote it. It's an wonderful expression of complete trust in the Lord when everything does not go in the way we plan, such as we lose our beloved ones. Yet, this song will be most touching if we know the end of the author's life; he ends up his life not in the way this song has been blessing many people. He dies in desperation. As for me, it teaches us that the source of strength is not in the song itself, but in the Lord, in His eternal strong arms.
It Is Well With My Soul
The song always lifted up my spirit everytime I listen to it.
It Is Well With My Soul
My Father in Law Passed away Valentine's Day this year. (2008). I played guitar and accomplied my wife Charlotte singing this song at the funeral service. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. As I listened to your version of it wave after wave of the Holy Ghost came upon me. WOW! WOW! WOW! Its incredible! I downloaded it because we have a ministry website at and I think this song would be wonderful on my wife's page, Charlotte's Corner-where she ministers to hurting women. Thank you for such a blessing! God Bless You All!
In Christ,
Paul & Charlotte Powers
Founders-His Way Mi (HisWay2Heaven777_AT_Aol_DOT_Com)
It Is Well With My Soul
I discovered this site recently and I was enjoyng to hear your songs, but when I heard 'IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL' words are not enough to express you the yoy that I felt. Tears were coming down and my spirit was one with Jesus and with your spirit. Thank-you my brothers and sisters for giving freely. May God continue to bless you abundantly
Please, please, please go on... Your brother Michel Di Martino -Morez- France
27 april 2008
Michel Di Martino (ele_kim_AT_hotmail_DOT_fr)
It Is Well With My Soul
St Vincent and the Grenadines

Thank you for such a beautiful song. It is one of my favourites, it never fail to help me to reconnect...and sang in so meaningful and spiritual a way.

I especially like the flash-- the picture scenes so ably represented the words and added to the whole experience. Giving praise to God.
Jackie Kydd (rendajack_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
Iam lokking forward to my faith being site and the clouds being rolled back as Jesus appears.I was driving last week around town and thinking about a problem and the Lord gave me a verse-it just popped in to my memory-Faith is the substance of things hoped for ,the evidence of things not seen. God helps us see the answer(Visualize or gives hope) to our prayers even though visibly we don't see the evidence yet, because the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to believe.
Priscilla Smith (smith_DOT_priscilla30_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
At the eve of my 10th Wedding anniversary and with a miracle baby after eigth years I can truly say it is Well with my Soul. The Lord has blessed us immensely.

Natasha Selvam
Dubai (natashas_AT_daman_DOT_ae)
It Is Well With My Soul
I am disturbed by the music played in our evangelical churches today. Words repeated without true meaning – over and over – with a beat that is worldly, in my thinking. I am told make a joyful noise to the Lord – no matter what, I am sorry I don’t believe many of these new age songs are God glorifying.

The shame is that there are such great songs like; It is Well with My Soul – and many others. I may be old fashion, I say thank God I am.

This song has lifted me up so many many times – I thank God for it. It also shows us through one man’s tragedy God can use it to bless so many others.

You have a very nice web-site which I will visit often.
Dom Terrone (terr03_AT_optonline_DOT_net)
It Is Well With My Soul
I love this hymn,But this arrangment really moved me. It was quite a while before i stopped filling up. God Bless You
Graham Johnson (bigdobby777_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
This song is glorious!!! Please visit our website "Living Hope In Jesus" ( There are eternal treasures from The LORD Jesus waiting for you there! Truly, ONLY because of The LORD Jesus, it is well with our souls. Your site is awesome!!!
Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie (stephenbonita_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net)
It Is Well With My Soul
how can it be well with my soul when i want to commit suicide?
When sorrows like sea billows roll
It is hell,It is hell, with my soul
In response to the posting, from life of birth to the marriage of my children to death of my loved ones whom I miss them all extremely.

Suicide is nothing but a lie sent from the father of lies. I know best for the dark tunnel of suicide having gone into that tunnel too many times to share in this small space. Yes, holding hands with the demonic spirits,they like magic give you a false hope.

It is a perverted tunnel which you are convinced that it will be finale, finished- the pain is over.

Speaking from experience, not the disciplines taught at Moody Bible Institute or Pacific Garden Mission, the professors taught theory. The Holy Spirit taught truth-that truth will set you free.

The Solution in everything give thanks! Jude 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
17 Pray without ceasing.
18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
19 Quench not the Spirit.
Yet if you are not born-again you cannot give thanks for you have no hope that all things are working for a perfect purpose in HIS will. If you are born of His Spirit give thanks, Even when I broke my toe a few Sundays ago, I praised God in the pain, I thanked Him when it got infected. Through that experience God allowed me to minister to so many. I suffered for the body of Christ to edify, strengthen,and give hope with solutions that work in the Word of God.

So you want to committ sucide to those reading. Great Praise God, now you are at the end of your rope. NOW, give God Thanks, let God prove HIMSELF. He wont lie. It is impossible to lie with God. He has the solution that is the best for you. Trust HIM , give thanks,God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Then all will say Jesus did it all, an impossible work of Grace, He has done it in me, my friend, everyone gave up on me-EXCEPT JESUS. Let Him love you tonight. Run to HIS arms, embrace HIM, let His Heart melt your heart,let HIM give you a new alive spirit by the indwelling of the HOLY Ghost. Jesus Loves you. I love you also, for I know the lonely darkness you are in,for it was my home many times. But now the Throne of God is my salvation, I sing with the angels now. I rejoice. And when the Demonic comes to invite me to the past, I say, " is well it is well my soul, singing this song.."

By the way I have been listening to this song for over an hour repeating, repeating, that is how much this song means to me. God Bless them, the singers and artist singing in an attitude of prayer. (tears, my shirt is wet in rejoicing that He saved me, rescued me, deliverance in His blood, by the Holy Ghost.
evangelist David Light (evangelistdavidlight_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
This song really touches my heart every time I hear. Today when I hear the song sang by Rieck and his friends, tears roll in my eyes they sang well and the video is good. I live in Pakistan and serve Lord here and the words in this song really meaning full to me.
Alexander Y. Isaac (ayisaac_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
I know this lovely song with two additional verses.
It Is Well With My Soul
This song is so uplifting and I love it!
Jean Davis (jeandavis06_AT_comcast_DOT_net)
It Is Well With My Soul
During 2003 I lost my brother, grandmother, mom and dad within ten months. This song has ministered to me so much and especially knowing the background. I can truly say, "It is well with my soul." I can not imagine what others do without the Lord.
It Is Well With My Soul
This song touches so deep inside I feel so close to our Lord. Thank you for singing it with so much life and meaning.
lynda (lyndasebell_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
This is one of the most powerful songs I ever knew. It supplies such an indescribable and unquantifiable energy to the weak, hope to the hopeless and confidence in the face of uncertainty. Whatever the situation is, with God all things are possible. It is well with my soul-come what may!
It Is Well With My Soul
We've been playing this in my high school band. It's beautiful with or without words.
Annie S.
It Is Well With My Soul
This is a song I love to sing everytime. Its beautiful rendition at this site is a welcome relief for me especially at work and other occasions when faced with difficult task. May the promoters of this site continue to be strengthened and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Well done for the good work you are doing.
Olukayode (okusanyaolukayode_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
the Lord is faithful.. I want to thank you all for this song has inspired me that all is well when we depend on the Lord.. bless u my brothers
It Is Well With My Soul
Love the song and glad I Found the site. I pray the person who is contemplating suicide is looking tonight.....I attempted suicide as a christian and as soon as I had recovered, God laid iy upon my heart that I had no right to take what HE has given me and that I owe Him my best. He reminded me that I can believe He will always be with me, even when it is hard to continue. That was several years ago and now I still have trials to overcome and with God's help, I am still overcoming. You can too. God bless you always.
Donna - Single Mom of Three
It Is Well With My Soul
This is my favorite song; Every time I hear it, I cry; To the person who wrote on 12/30 Please don't take your life; The state of your soul is not a feeling; It is a state of fact if you have chosen to let God have you.
It Is Well With My Soul
how can it be well with my soul when i want to commit suicide?
When sorrows like sea billows roll
It is hell,It is hell, with my soul
It Is Well With My Soul
Beutiful, touching, and a wonderful Church song. It actually should be played in Church! Although the other song 'Do you Know its Christmas?' is my favorite!
ANYMONOUS - i worte to the song 'do you know
It Is Well With My Soul
we've lost a daughter 4 yrs ago, just after birth, in Banglades. this song has been chosen for the service and was just,... appropriate. It comforted our souls and highlighted that it could be fine with our souls even when we felt so sad. A real blessing
JF Negrini (surgdblm_AT_yahoo_DOT_fr)
It Is Well With My Soul
This song never ceases to lift my heart in worship to the Rock of my salvation.
Thank you for singing it to me again.
Koroseta Maiava (ksmaiava_AT_paradise_DOT_net_DOT_nz)
It Is Well With My Soul
I love this song. Thanks to this website I have its lyrics now. And I can learn it better.

Thank you!
It Is Well With My Soul
Great job.

It is well is a 6 verse song
Most renditions do 2 or 4
I sometimes wonder how the "favorites" get chosen?
Jay Jones (jayjoneshq_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
It Is Well With My Soul
More than I could have hoped. A winner!!
Cathy (cathytrax_AT_clearwire_DOT_net)
It Is Well With My Soul
It Is Well With My Soul
precious and absolutely touching by the mercy of God.....I truly treasure this of the very very best!
It Is Well With My Soul
I'm at a crossroad in my life. This song was my dearly beloved uncle's favorite song. I was searching the web this morning after my morning devotional reading and hear this song. I have found my answer. This song was a blessing to me this morning. Joy comes in the morning.
D.L. Perkins
It Is Well With My Soul
I was in China last Sept.2007 and after reading how and what happened when Philip Bliss and his wife died in a train accident, there I knew that this was one of the songs Philip Bliss wrote and composed. I really blessed with this song in my heart as this is one of my favorite songs.
Bing M. (Filipino )
It Is Well With My Soul
This song is so beautiful I can't resist but keep listening to it. Thank you for putting this song on the website.
Jane Ou (janeouet_AT_yahoo_DOT_com_DOT_sg)
It Is Well With My Soul
This song really inspired me and makes me think that pain and suffering cause me to learn to fight them not with my own strength but with God's strength through faith and prayer.
W. S. Lasiqueg (wiwilasiqueg_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)

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