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I am lucky enough to own this picture and I am always at awe at the wonderful expression on the dogs face
Suzan Simmons (Turbosuesimmons_AT_yahoo_DOT_co_DOT_ul)
Fall foliage in Quebec Canada
Beautiful in its simplicity.
The Strawberry Girl
I this print if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
Angie (angiespaw_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
The Infant Samuel
Hi' i have one oil too it looks like its very old its one oil. Where can i find a place to value the painting?
Asta (asta _bra3_AT_hotmail_DOT_com)
The Strawberry Girl
Ihave this picture and I love it , It looks very old . Where is the original on display?
Lighthouse in Peggy's Cove
its also beautiful
its a picture of a big lighthouse
you had a great job
 Gwen (gwensteph_AT_songsofpraise_DOT_com)
Lighthouse in Peggy's Cove
this photo is off the hook!!!!!!!!
A Highland Funeral
Prints are available from the amazing Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum in Glasgow - and what's more you can see the original painting there too.
Dante and Beatrice
I have acquired a tapestry of Dante and Beatrice. Approx 36 x 48. The tapestry is a monochromatic ecru color-No color like in prints. I haven't seen anything like this. Can you tell me more? about this tapestry?
Jeannie Ward (jeannieward_AT_cox_DOT_net)
The Resurrected Christ
Me and my cousins use many of the songs on this website for our Easter Program
The Strawberry Girl
This is the print thatI was looking for but how do I purchase it?
Tony Reynolds (patony22_AT_shaw_DOT_ca)
Dante and Beatrice
Below are the web sites on the painting. In error, I referred to this image as a tapestry in my previous comment, and it actually is from the oil painting by the Englishman Henry Holiday done in 1883. I have the tapestry based on this painting. Also, the tapestry was more likely done in France not Belgium.
See the following on the original painting:

For more on the Jacquard loom see:
Dante and Beatrice
This tapestry was made by a Jacquard tapestry making machine in the early 1900s probably in Belgium and possibly in France. It is based on Henry Holiday's painting (1883) that hangs in the Walker Museum in Liverpool, England. To read more about the painting you can google Henry Holiday or the Walker Museum and to learn more about Jacquard tapestry method google that as well. Recently, June 2010, this tapestry sold at auction for $500.
The Meeting
I have an 8x7 copy of this painting that I found in a scrap book that dates back 60 years. It was connected to page 10 of what appears to have been part of a booklet. Page 10 describes "The Meeting", and gives some bio on Marie Bashkirseff.PP 10 is frayed on the edges, but the copy of the painting is in excellent condition. Does this have any value. To the left of the 10, ti has F.P. Series IL.
Stan Neuhaus (sen9917_AT_yahoo_DOT_com)
An Indian Paradise (Green River, Wyoming)
Very beautiful!
 Alvin (fisher_AT_volstate_DOT_net)
The Last Match
had this picture in my home in 1930
The Meeting
This wonderful painting of Parisian street life is in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, where unfortunately it is hung too high, particularly when it is a picture of school children. Another copy is in Nice,at the Jules Cheret Musée des Beaux Arts, although not currently on display. However, there are other fine pictures by Marie Bashkirtseff there and well worth a visit. (graembow_AT_virginmedia_DOT_com)
The Acropolis
Acropolis in Rome??? You missed your history classes???
Thanks for pointing out the mistake! How did I miss that one? - Elton
The Hay-Wain
Thank you for such an interesting puzzle today! I've really enjoyed working the puzzles the last few days. I make the pieces as small as I can and that makes for a more interesting experience as well. Thanks again and Merry CHRISTmas!!
 Myra (mwade1_AT_hot_DOT_rr_DOT_com)
Alice in Wonderland
Thank you for having some different pictures to work as jigsaw puzzles. I appreciate all the pictures you and your family have taken all over the world, but I'm a little tired of seeing them! I work a jigsaw every morning and appreciate a little variety, such as this one, or paintings, etc. Although I haven't been doing them much lately as I've seen all of them. Thank you for what you do in providing these jigsaws.
 Myra (mwade1_AT_hot_DOT_rr_DOT_com)

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